Travi$ Scott's Action Figure + The Craziest Rapper Merch

Rapper Travi$ Scott just released his very own action figure, joining the likes of Mariah Carey and Violet Chachki as a one-of-a-kind collectible. This comes as life-changing news to all the fans who dreamed of taking him home, but just couldn’t get their hands on the real thing.

If Mini Travi$ Scott looks familiar, it’s because he’s also the cover star of the rapper’s newest album Rodeo, which dropped earlier this week. Harvard graduate Dan Chung was given the difficult task of recreating Scott’s wild energy in plastic. “It became immediately apparent that he was deeply passionate about bringing this figure to life,”said Chung in an interview with Complex. “He was a runaway train of grandiose superlatives when we spoke, I’ll tell you that.” The rapper’s care for detail and Chung’s talent combined in an incredibly accurate creation, complete with golden grills and intricate tats. The action figure was initially only to be used for the album cover. But when the artwork was finally revealed, there was naturally only one question on fans’ minds: how can I cop a mini Travi$ Scott of my very own?

The human-sized Scott has answered their prayers. For $150, fans can preorder the action figure here. But what exactly does one do with a Mini Travi$ Scott? Stand shirtless atop monster trucks together? Use his eclectic dance moves to fight off jealous G.I. Joes? Go on Twitter rants about how Barbie has him totally misunderstood? We aren’t totally sure, but we’re excited to see Instagram blow up with tales of the doll’s adventures.

Travi$ Scott isn’t the first rapper to drop such weird merch. From wigs to weapons, check out this list of artist approved merchandise, worthy of only the truest of fans.

Snoop Dogg’s Peaches N’ Cream Candle

Snoop Dogg knows what the common people want. After all, what’s better than coming home after a long day at work, slipping on your Snoop Dogg-brand slippers and rolling a joint with your Snoop Dogg-brand rolling papers?

We’d add burning his “Peaches N’ Cream” candle, inspired by the song of the same name.  The candle is only available with purchase of Snoop Dog’s latest CD Bush, so you’ll be dropping at least fifty dollars on it. But it does come with a complimentary t-shirt! And we’re sure it’s fortified with enough peachy perfume to keep your parents from asking what that smell is. You know: that smell.

We think the food stylist used Gillette.

Wu-Tang Clan Nunchucks

The slums of Shaolin sure are a hard place to grow up – not that we’ve never been there. But if you ever find yourself in the area, stay safe with these Wu Tang approved nunchucks. Originally released to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the group’s founding, they remain a vital part of Wu Tang Clan’s official store. In the valley of the shadow of the 36 Chambers of death, you too can fear no harm.

Protect ya neck.

3. Nicki Minaj Costumes

Nicki loves her fans, and her fans certainly love her back – this summer especially, the Internet has truly been on #TeamNicki. But a true fan has to separate themselves from the unworthy by dressing exactly like her. Use these official costumes to dress like the many ghosts of Nicki’s past. Wear them to work on a casual Friday. Rename casual Friday, “Pink Friday.” Turn every day into Pink Friday. If your boss tries to ask you about it, buck and ask them what’s good.

Ascend to a higher plane of Nickihood.

Ass not included.
Ass not included.

4. Fifty Cent “Magic Stick” Condoms

Because some things are just too good to make up.

Candy Shop condoms are genius, but not available for purchase. Someone please make these!
Candy Shop condoms are genius, but not available for purchase. Someone please make these!

5. Pimp Cups

Remember the mid-2000s, when rappers walked red carpets holding splendid goblets covered in jewels? Everyone from Lil Jon to Snoop Dogg had their own custom bedazzled chalice. They are perfect accessories. Carrying one tells the world that you are powerful, you are wealthy enough to pay for a cup covered in diamonds, and that you have a passel of hoes. You can get a cheap one on Amazon.

Yeah! What? Ok!
Yeah! What? Ok!

Photos via High Snobiety, Complex Magazine, Kevin Audrick, and In Ya Ear Hip Hop.

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