Coz if you're paying more that 3 bucks for a slice, you're doing it wrong.



Treat Yourself: 20 Under $20

If a summer shopping binge isn’t in your future, no stress: we’re coming to you with a uber-afforable laundry list of the Internet’s best (and semi-cheapest) items to snag, ASAP. These are perfect for when you’re feelin’ the urge to splurge for a little pick-me-up, but your bank account’s on a different page.  And though these don’t exactly qualify as must-haves, who says every purchase must be mind-blowing? Sometimes our favorite products are also the ones we invested the least in…and you know you fucking love it when that happens. So go ahead and take yo’ broke ass…online shopping. Below, 20 products that don’t go north of, you guessed it, 20 bucks.

ShadesIt’s sunny outside, get with the program and throw on some shade.

Cute AF cactus ice cubesIf you cant make it to the desert for Coachella in the next few days, don’t sweat, in fact, cool off with these cactus ice cubes.

Green thingsFill your apartment with cute little plants, coz why not?

Palo SantoSmell and feel good with a pack of these Palo Santo sticks. They are meant to make your space smell dreamy…without burning a hole in your pocket. Get it?

Joe’s PizzaJoe’s is the spot in NY. Any time, any day.Get a slice for $2.75. If you’re feeling extra, add toppings.

SocksGlow up your feet for $12 with these 40’s socks. Anyone thirsty?

Lady pinRep her on your denim duds for a zen-outed statement piece.

Pencil setPencil in all your fancy AF plans with this cute lil set. Bonus points: for every pack sold, Poketo will match the sale and donate 100% of the proceeds to ACLU.

J Cole hat

Rep your favorite rapper with this pink baseball hat. Also available in a slew of other colors if you’re picky like that.

Saints of Badass candlesWorship your idols in a whole new way: with an $18 candle.

Jansport fanny packCan you say Coachella? Tote this around the fest, then take it home and carry it all summer long.

Instax Mini 8 ombre lens filter setIf you don’t have rose-colored glasses, this is the next best thing. Add a little oomph to all those summer memories.

Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe, herbs, and rosewater

Freshen up for a cool $7 with this super portable rosewater facial spray.

Fishnet socks

A sexy take on your average sock—plus, far more appropriate for the hot weather ahead than your standard full-length fishnet.

Gold 8 tooth lower grillz

While this can’t compare to a custom set, it’s only gonna set you back $15.95 from Bling Cartel. No complaints here.

Milk Makeup tattoo stamp

For a non-permanent addition to your Coachella getup that won’t turn into a morning-after-regret (or break the bank).

Essie For The Twill Of It nail polishIt’s sandal season. Time to freshen up those fingers n’ toes.

Pack of 2 denim scrunchiesA must-have when it gets hot AF outside. Also, only $6.50 per pack means you can have every color your heart desires.

2Pac all eyes on me T-shirt

We know you’re already hyped for the upcoming Tupac biopic; now get the tee to match.

Jarware drink lidRetain your hipster vibes on-the-go with this Mason jar mouth piece.

Featured image via Jonpaul Douglass

Stay tuned to Milk for more nifty n’ thrifty finds we love. 

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