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1/10 — Cliche performing at Treble Tuesdays in the Milk JamRoom by @anjflo



Treble Tuesdays Is The Heart Of NYC’s Underground Music Community

A few short months ago, Milk joined forces with Treble to host a special Treble Tuesday: on how not to get fucked by the music industry (yes, that was the official title of the evening). We jammed, we had brews, and most importantly, we facilitated a panel that focused on the incredibly necessary (and often overlooked) topic of mental health.

Now, Treble is kicking off 2019 with an exciting announcement, that’s set to make Treble Tuesdays an even more legendary mainstay on the NYC music calendar: a new online platform coming in March. At the heart of this new platform, it’s still all about connection, and will serve as a place where creatives can connect with potential future collaborators. Founder Matt Bond emphasizes the community aspect:

“The music business is all about relationships and reputation,” he says. “The landscape may change, the culture may shift, but the people behind the industry will always need a home to showcase their professional identity and connect with the right talent and opportunity, at the right time. Treble is that home.”

While you wait for the new platform to launch, visit Treble.fm for updates and stay tuned for the next Treble Tuesday event.

Images courtesy of Treble Tuesdays

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