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Trend Alert: Biodegradable Burial Pods

Not to get all existential on you, but what are your plans after death? Chillin’ in an urn? Hanging out six feet under? May we propose to you morphing into a tree? That’s right, we’ve got biodegradable options for your afterlife thanks to the ingenious minds of Italian designers Raoul Bretzel and Anna Citelli. “Capsula Mondi”, translated from Latin to “world’s capsule,” is the duo’s conception that has set out to literally change the world by way of burial practices. Recognizing the amount of waste that is produced not only throughout our lives, but also in our deaths, the inventive pair decided to replace tombstones with trees, cemeteries with forests, loss with life.

The concept was birthed after Bretzel and Citelli participated in a 2003 design fair in Milan, seeing how much emphasis was placed on the production of new, with no consideration of its implications onto the environment and spaces around us. In a statement, Bretzel disclosed:

It was a big competition to design new things, but almost nobody cared about future impact or whether anyone would actually use these things. We started thinking about projects that could have an environmental aspect. Death is part of our life but at design fairs nobody cares about that because it’s one side of our life that we don’t want to look at. We don’t like to think of death as part of life.Thanks to these burial pods, afterlife can literally become life after death, without pretending that we’re down with the haunting ghosts, spooky spirits and creepy zombies. We no longer have to submit our cute bodies to the creepy capitalist customs of Halloween—we can turn into fucking trees, maintaining that good ole oxygen flow that keeps us breathing as humans. We get it though… hard pill to swallow. Mainstream burial practices haven’t changed for centuries. We’ve been digging dead bodies into the ground for ages and cremation has had its roots in funeral customs since the 1800s, but isn’t it time for a bit of change? Especially now, when the environment stands in such a precarious state that it has already threatened humankind as we know it. Your go-green activism can transcend death! That’s environmentalist AF.

No pressure though, we know you’ve probably got time before considering options for your funeral procession. Just saying that while you’re resting in peace (and in wood, cushioning, and metals), Mother Earth is hurting—she can’t break down those materials as easy as we can produce them; and while cremation has been considered a more environmentally sound alternative in terms of decomposition, the energy that the actual process requires is ecologically exhausting, too. Once one of these dope “Capsula Mondi” pods hits the ground, however, that baby is breaking down its biodegradable plastic shell and turning into nutrients for the tree sapling within it, while your body or ashes decompose. Science is cool and so is afterlife biodegradation!

Source: CNN

Images via Capsula Mondi

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