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Trend Alert: Dads Are Cool and Hot

It’s true, the fashion industry has cast its latest muse after sucking all of the inspiration it possibly could from skater boys and feminism. Young shredders across the world may now rest easy at the skate park, which has doubled as a hunting ground of aesthetics for artists, photographers and designers. On the same token, Dior can stop selling feminism on a $700 tee shirt. Why? Because fashion has found its next victim, arguably its most unexpected target—dads, yes, as in your father.

Fashion has an interesting way of picking its trends. While, sure, there are trend forecasters and analytics to follow, its quite unlikely that anybody saw this coming except for of course, the trendsetter himself, Demna Gvasalia. If you’re not familiar with the name, he is the current creative director of legendary fashion house, Balenciaga, but also pioneer behind Vetements—the disruptive fashion brand known for its unconventional collaborations and experimentation with silhouettes. So if you’re acquainted with said brand, Gvasalia’s wild antics at his latest stint with Balenciaga should be of no surprise.

A very appropriate few days after Father’s Day came Balenciaga’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection, where down their Parisian forest-set runway walked model dads… By that, we don’t mean primary examples of father figures, we mean models with kids, literal kids, hanging off of them. In fact, the show notes literally read, “”Young dads in the park with their kids at the weekend.”Chic? Sure. The world has seemingly shrugged in compliance with Gvasalia’s dad declaration, but what do we call it? It seems as though all of our options for labels have been spoken for by other niche groups appropriating the patriarchy. Daddy? Taken. Papi? Taken. Dilf? Taken! Dadcore? Perhaps that will do.

With all of that said, it’d be kind of cheating if we didn’t acknowledge other hints that have prematurely shone a light to the dadcore trend. If the term “art dad” rings a bell, you know exactly what we’re talking about. The term was inspired incidentally by Kanye and quickly adopted by street wear cool boys such as Luka Sabbat. It’s safe to say, however, that this trend is of another breed—a distant cousin, perhaps? The terms originators, Tremaine Emory and Acyne, claimed to Dazed in an interview that:

“Art Dad is a reaction to everything being about ‘youth youth youth… There’s something to be said for being responsible, having health care, taking care of business but still having fun… Youth is one thing, and a lot of people get embarrassed about being into fashion at a certain age and drop it. Whereas actually what you do is graduate it and get more subtle.”


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So what started as a resistance to the fad of sucking blood from youth culture hath bred the emergence of this undoubtedly questionable, slightly ironic, guiltily pleasing trend. Next time you visit the parents, consider rummaging through your dad’s broad suit jackets, khaki shorts and baseball caps for a DIY dadcore, Balenciaga look. We bid you farewell with a question to ponder: Where do the cool dads lie within this role-reversed rage?

Check out a few of Balenciaga’s runway looks in the slideshow above.

Images courtesy of Vogue. 

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