Tupac's Hand-Written Letter Being Sold for $225,000

Is Thug Life dead? Tupac Shakur posed this question in a personal letter written while serving time at Clinton Maximum Security Penitentiary in 1995. And now, for $225,000, this letter can be yours.

While in prison, Tupac was reportedly brushing up on his Machiavelli and Sun Tzu, formulating his own street philosophy, and exchanging letters with Death Row Records staffer and Uncut editor Nina Bhadreshwar. In the letter now being sold by an autograph auctioneer known as Moments in Time, the rapper opens up about his own upbringing, the true meaning of “Thug Life,” and the perils of growing up black in America.


The rapper uses this four-page manifesto to clear the air about his arrest and his state of mind, and to issue a call for change. “We are all powerful people,” he says, “but if we die we have nothing…. I challenge all the Souljahs of this nation 2 examine and evaluate your lives.”

So, is thug life dead? Tupac says no, “but in my heart it is.” He closes the letter by expressing his hopes that what he’s written will do some good in people’s lives, that if it does, his time in jail would not be served in vain.


If you don’t exactly have a quarter of a million dollars to spend, you can read the letter in its entirety on the Moments In Time website, and we highly recommend that you do. The lessons learned and the wisdom Tupac hoped to impart are perhaps more valuable than the paper they’re written on.

See some of the other priceless treasures on Moments in Time’s website here

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