A bar scene in 'The Adventures of Drunky,' a new cartoon film from Tyler, The Creator.



Tyler, The Creator Crowdfunds Alcohol-Fueled R-Rated Cartoon

Director and filmmaker Aaron Augenblick, the creative behind dark cartoon series Ugly Americans and Tyler the Creator‘s show The Jellies, is coming out with an R-rated animated feature film called The Adventures of Drunky. It’s about a barfly named Drunky who literally lives in a place called Nowheresville. Drunky’s life gets turned upside-down when he gets wrapped into a bet between God and the devil over the fate of the earth, all while trying to save the girl he loves. With a solid lineup of voice actors including Tyler himself as an aggressive, three-legged, one-eyed cat, Transparent and Arrested Development Jeffrey Tambor as the voice of God, Sam Rockwell as Drunky, and other appearances from Jay Pharoah, Dave Attell, Steve Coogan and Noel Wells, you’d be surprised to find out that the movie is having a hard time getting picked up. It’s fresh and pretty weird, which unfortunately makes it hard for big studios to support.

Augenblick has all the voiceovers covered, but the animation is requires some serious money. Augenblick Studios and Cartuna, both Brooklyn-based film companies, are now counting on Internet dwellers for funding through their Indiegogo campaign.  For each generous donation to the project, Augenblick is throwing in some awesome perks–a bar crawl with Augenblick Studios, a promise from Cartuna to read your very own script, and even getting drawn into the movie. So far, the Indiegogo fund has already raised about 20 percent of their goal in only two days. The campaign will last until the end of the month in hopes of fulfilling their $100,000 goal, which will go directly towards the animation of the film.

“Basically, I’m making the biggest bet in my life that there’s an audience for this kind of movie,” Augenblick told io9. “But I truly believe that there is. I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t think so. On television, no one questions when cartoons are for adults, whether it’s Archer or South Park or Adult Swim. It’s just for some reason, the subject matter for feature films is so narrow.”

A scene from 'The Adventures of Drunky' featuring some hot molten lava. We believe that adult cartoons are severely underrated.
A scene from ‘The Adventures of Drunky’ featuring some hot molten lava. We believe that adult cartoons are severely underrated.

Adult cartoons keep us so-called adults sane. Taxes, friend’s weddings, the love/hate relationship with your job, and constant self-doubt can cause a twenty-something a trip to the doctor’s to get a heaping pile of prescription pills. So when I’m having a hard time being contributing and active member of society, shows like Bob’s Burgers, Archer, BoJack Horseman, or Ugly Americans are the perfect fix to watch on my cheap futon as I turn into a vegetable for the night. When The Adventures of Drunky takes off and more adult cartoon films enter production, I know I’ll find peace.

Photos via Cartoon Brew.

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