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Tyler, The Creator's New Golf Wang Lookbook Is Glorious

Tyler the Creator is having a much better December than most kids his age. Then again, most of the people we know are stuck in Finals Week hell with only a chewed up pencil and a vape pen to guide them. But then again-again, no one we know has released a lookbook for what could be the hottest collection of the season.  On the scale of “it’s kinda lit” to “it’s FIRE,” the collection is an absolute inferno, with colors and prints bright enough to burn holes in your eyes. Golf Wang FW15 is cartoonish and pop-arty. But it’s no surprise, since Tyler has always been the king of style. There are whole articles about how to dress just like him.

But if you don’t trust us, maybe you’ll trust in the righteous, stalwart opinions of a few old white guys. Thanks to Golf Wang, Tyler was featured in Golf Digest. As in, an actual magazine about golf. Its covers look like this:


And Tyler was in it.

The piece mentions an article from 2014, where Tyler talks about what inspired the name Golf Wang and how he sees himself as a designer. We image that this was pretty helpful for all those sixty something year old white dads, whose carefully tucked polo shirts have sadly manged to keep all things fresh and hip out of their lives.

Fun Fact: Tyler, the Creator hates golf.

But doesn’t mind the golfers. When news broke, he took to his Twitter in glee.”HAHAHAHA THIS IS NUTS,” he said. “MIDDLE AGED WHITE MEN ARE READING THAT ARTICLE. YES YES YES YES YES YES. GETTING OUT OF A BUBBLE IM HYPED…ITS STUFF THEY CAN WEAR TOO THO THATS WHY ITS SICK.” There you have it. If Wu-Tang is for the children, then Tyler, the Creator is for the dads. Who knew?

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