The trio’s debut album drops on June 14: "We like to say it's a little taste of everything."



Up Next: Ahead of ‘Turkey Dinner’, Pinky Pinky Is Serving Up “Loose Change”

Pinky Pinky doesn’t want you to take them too seriously. The trio — comprised of Anastasia Sanchez, Eva Chambers, and Isabelle Fields — often writes about semi-serious, fairly personal anecdotes, turning them into uber-relatable, garage rock-esque bangers that have big sound. If it wasn’t already obvious, it’s a formula that’s working.

“It’s a bunch of personal stories that are kind of masked with humor and slightly different story lines and characters. It’s hard to describe…we called the album Turkey Dinner so people wouldn’t take us too seriously. It’s a little joke — we like to say it’s a little taste of everything.”

Stories about heartache and loss that run the risk of morphing into teen cliches are given a new lease on life with clever lyrics and lots of instrumentals interpretations, especially on stage.

“They’re pretty personal experiences… mostly cliches that we’re trying to make less cliche. We’re trying to find humor in non-humorous situations.”

With “Loose Change”, Pinky Pinky hits the nail on the head yet again, driving home their unpretentious variety of west-coast-punk-meets-garage-rock-meets-misfit-indie.

“‘Loose Change’ was the most fun to make. It was one of the more honest ones, fun to translate and figure out. It has the biggest sound and a big ending to the album. There was a lot of smiling happening when that song was being created.”

Listen to the new track below, and stay tuned for the full album, coming next Friday June 14 via Innovative Leisure.

Featured image courtesy of Ryan Moraga

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