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Uplust is the Dirty Version of Instagram You've Been Waiting For

Since the dawn of time, humankind has made it its mission to share nudie pics in any and every form imaginable. Recently, however, strict obscenity policies on media-sharing platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram have made it harder and harder to do so. Flaunting one’s naked body is an art form as ancient as it is taboo—and now, there is finally an app for that.

Uplust is a new NSFW social media service, created as a space for people to share their explicit pics with the world. It’s the ideal platform for anyone who finds it difficult to share on social media without their posts being flagged, be they artists, activists, porn enthusiasts, or anybody in between.


The app—which was originally going to be called Pornostagram—functions much the same as any other media-sharing app, giving its users the ability to post and apply filters to photos and short, looped videos. Users can like, share, and comment on each other’s posts. It also has a couple of special features, like sex-themed games you can play for tokens, which can be used to unlock specific content or even be exchanged for real money.

It’s like Spotify for smut.

A representative for the site says that because all the content on Uplust is user-created, it “puts women in control of their bodies, and doesn’t reinforce unrealistic body types,” as might, say, porn produced by a studio. “There’s also a significant transgender presence,” the rep continued. This is especially important, considering the recent controversy regarding Instagram’s often-discriminatory censorship policies. Specifically, that photos posted by transgender users were found to be censored more often than similar ones posted by cisgender users. On Uplust, however, everybody is welcome.

Uplust is free and available for everyone (provided, of course, that you are 18 or over), but the app is currently only available for download through their website, which you can visit right here.

Images via Uplust

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