If you've always wanted to throw out the words and phrases you've used all your life and only speak in gifs from the Beyoncé film 'Lemonade,' your time has come.



Use These GIFs From Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' To Narrate Your Life

It’s time to uninstall the Kimojis, Muvamojis, and, yes, even the Broad City emojis. You don’t need them anymore now that Lemonade, Beyoncé’s revolutionary call to action against fuckboys and side chicks, has given the world a zesty and refreshing pitcher of emotion. (We think this was an independent operation, devoid of Illuminati influence. Probably.) We spent the better part of the weekend (read: all of it) watching and rewatching the hour-long film, and then did what any Internet-savvy 20-something would do after having their life changed by Beyoncé (again). We put every word and phrase we used to use in a box to the left and unpacked our thoughts and emotions in gif form. From admiration and realizations to fuck you’s and more, here are the Lemonade gifs you need for every situation in your life.

The “I just destroyed your life”

Explosions, baseball bats, and free facials? This is the perfect revenge text to send to the lover that ghosted you. Best if used directly after putting them on blast for being your city’s number one fuckboy in posts on at least two social media networks. lem-10

The “Slutty Summer 2016 begins now”

This is for the best friend you complained to about the drama you dealt with while in your annual winter relationship. Your standards may have dropped faster than the temperature as you shacked up to keep warm, but now the weather is hot and so are you, girl! Let those hemlines rise up and announce your official return to humid weather and unapologetic hoeing.


The “Why is my roommate auditioning for The Voice in their room at 4AM?”

There’s no shame in singing loud and proud no matter how skilled your falsetto is, but it’s the middle of the night. We don’t need that much beauty sleep but when we smoke a bowl and slide in between our sheets, we aren’t hoping to wake up and hear your rendition of “And I Am Telling You” from Dreamgirls. Send to your roommate for maximum amount of shade. bey_8

The “Goodbye to all the basic bitch drama”

This one is as versatile as the gay population in New York. It’s ready for you to throw down as you head to the emergency Uber to get away from a disastrous date or a simple goodbye to the bar tab you’ve drunkenly decided not to pay. The world of bitchy goodbyes is your Serena Williams-approved oyster. bey_4

The “Please stop trying to talk to me through dick pics”

If it wasn’t clear enough after the first lopsided and badly-angled meat kebob flopped into your inbox that you weren’t interested, this should help. Use it before they send a BBQ-sized dropbox of the nudes they took in their dirty mirror to let them know how you’re feeling about their unwarranted sexual advances. bey_5

The “My Seamless order should’ve arrived three minutes ago”

We’ve all had that moment where we peel ourselves out of bed and pace next to our front door waiting for the erratic buzzer ringing of the Seamless delivery person. This is for those times when the delivery windows passes you by like all your hopes and dreams and you’re on the lookout for where the hell that vegetable lo-mien is at. bey_6

The “Payday is here and I’m ready to spend half of it at the club”

There’s an old saying that more money equals more problems, which is absolutely false when that money buys you things like liquor and unitards. We probably won’t ever look half as good as Bey’s pelvis, but when you feel that paycheck heading to your struggling bank account, anything is possible. bey_7

The “I’m out of weed and forgot to text my dealer before they closed”

When everything around you except your joint goes up in flames, there’s only one way to express the emotion. You meant to order more, but then Scandal happened, and now it’s too late. If you’re feeling lucky, this image of ultimate despair might be enough to convince your best friend to trek over to smoke you out. lem-36

The “My date is hotter than I expected and I’m not even drunk yet”

A picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words, but with this gif, you can throw out the dictionary. There’s no feeling worse than entering a dark and dingy bar with the expectation of a few free drinks and having it end in a bathroom break where you sit on a dirty toilet seat, distraught as you wonder whose photos your date used to trick you. This is not about those dates. This is for the moment you walk in and find out that the sex you plan to get tonight will be with someone who is actually as attractive as the stranger you fell in love with on the subway. bey_2

The “I thought it was Friday but it’s only Thursday”

The feeling of mistakenly thinking your workweek is over a day early is just as traumatic as having a nice dream and then jolting awake like you just skipped a step. You can’t be bothered to do anything productive for the next forty-eight hours, so let this be a visual representation of your soul dying.


Imagery via Beyonce’s Lemonade. Lead image and gifs by Kathryn Chadason.

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