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Vancouver Sleep Clinic on 'Revival' & Music That Feels Like Home

Every family has its fearless leader, and Vancouver Sleep Clinic is no exception: in this case, it’s Aussie Tim Bettinson, whose vision for a “big family” of artists making music driven by peace and love (yes, please) is helping to ground VSC on the right side of history, with damn good tunes to boot. Their most recent release, the debut Revival album, is a modern mastery of his vision: ethereal, atmospheric, and with just the right amount of electronic mixed in (it’s produced by Al Shux of BANKS fame, so no surprise there), we were hooked from the first track.

We sat down with Bettinson to talk high school bands, making music that cares, and what’s next for Vancouver Sleep Clinic. Preview the new Revival album below, then keep scrolling for our full interview with the artist.

Congrats on the album! Can you tell us a little about how it all came together?

Yeah! So basically I started writing for it just after I left school. So I was 18 and went over to LA for the first time and basically the whole album is when I was kind of writing it as I was recording it, if that makes sense. So I would record songs about my experience, being away from my family and friends, in a new place, that whole experience as I was recording, and I started to write more about it. So the central theme I would say is self discovery, that whole roller coaster, just things that I saw and the changes I was going through. Going from high school and studying to being a musician. It’s a very personal record, one big journey over the last few years of my life.

Were you making music before Vancouver Sleep Clinic?

I was just in a bunch of crappy bands, which I guess everyone kind of does. I was always writing for them, but that’s just dumb high school things that you do to win girls, you know. So I guess this is my first real venture.

And this is your first album as Vancouver Sleep Clinic, too.

Yeah, it’s a weird one. I’ve been sitting on it for about a year now, so it’s been a weird couple months because when you have something for that long, you start to overthink it or double guess a lot of it, and obviously you’ve already heard it a hundred times, so it doesn’t sound as exciting. So I guess in a way I’m quite nervous to see how everyone else thinks of it. I remember when I made it straight away, but at the same time I’m super pumped for it to come out and finally everyone can hear what I’ve been doing. A weird mix of emotions at the moment.

What’s the heart behind Vancouver Sleep Clinic?

The whole idea of Vancouver Sleep Clinic is just about me with whoever I’m with at the time, making music. I’ve never limited it to one idea so you know even when i’m recording, I’m working with different people, for the live shows, and working with others for the visuals. There’s a big team working on all different aspects of it. So those dudes in the band are some of my best friends, and for me that’s what it’s all about: creating an experience with the people you love. I wouldn’t really want to work with them if I wasn’t friends with them first. It’s a big family, this project. Friends making music.

Any tour plans this year?

Yeah! Our first US tour is starting mid May. From there we’ll be aiming to take it all over the place. Europe and Australia, and hopefully we’re gonna take it to a bunch of places. Touring is probably my favorite part of the process, just being able to connect with everyone; that’s the goal.

And more long term, do you have a vision for Vancouver Sleep Clinic?

More than anything, I just want it to be a big community of people. That’s the most important thing for me, being able to connect with people; fans connecting with each other; creating an environment of peace and love. That’s the end goal. I’d just love to be playing these shows where everyone just feels like they have someone and are at home and can listen to this music and just feel like someone cares.

Featured image courtesy of Vancouver Sleep Clinic

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