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Vanessa White Talks 'Chapter Two' And Sexy R&B

Word to the wise: listen to Chapter Two, and you’ll hear Vanessa White at her most pissed off (that’s a direct quote). She’s opinionated on “Trust Me”, and unapologetic about it, but there’s more: with tracks like “Running Wild”, White gets in touch with your sexy side, too, and the perfect balance is struck.

You may already recognize White from her reign with The Saturdays, the sensational all-girl pop band that took British airwaves by storm, with a dominance (and fangirl obsession) not unlike that of The Spice Girls. Now solo, she’s fully departed from her pop origins, and has dove head first into the sultry waters of more classic R&B (with a twist). Not surprisingly, she’s hitting all the right notes—with both Chapter Two and its predecessor, Chapter One—and then some.

We sat down with the pop princess turned solo starlet to talk Chapter Two, creative freedoms, and the simply happiness of making music that people genuinely enjoy; peep the full interview below.

Let’s start with Chapter Two. Congrats on the release! Can you talk a little about the inspiration behind the EP?

Technically this is my second EP. My first EP came out about a year ago, and that was an introduction. Chapter Two is really quite an honest, a quite honest piece of work, my most honest piece of work. There are seven tracks on the EP and two of them are stripped back versions of two of the songs I have on there. It’s very much R&B. We have some up-beat tracks on there but a lot of a slow 90’s kind of thing going on.

You said it’s your most honest EP yet. What makes you say that?

There is a song on the EP called “Trust Me” that’s really about double standards in the industry. Guys trying to get their point across and you know it’s hard for a woman in this industry. It’s just more me and my most pissed off state. But the other songs on there they aren’t all that aggressive that song is quite aggressive [Laughs]. “Running Wild” is more about exploring your imagination, your sexuality, and yeah it’s quite sexual. But you know that’s just me being free.

Yeah, I noticed that and I know you come from a super pop girl band so it’s funny to see how your music has completely transformed from that.

I’ve always been a fan of R&B—even when I was in the group that was all I would listen to. I think probably just me saying things I wouldn’t be able to say before is quite refreshing to me. That’s fun.

Yeah, the creative freedoms on each are worlds apart.

Yes, exactly!

Do you feel like since Chapter One your style has changed at all? 

A billion percent! I’m super casual style-wise and it’s the complete opposite of what I use to be. I use to be done up all the time and I got a bit bored of that. I’ve definitely taken a more stripped back route.

I feel like a lot of woman can relate to the feeling of not wanting to be done up, especially nowadays. 

Yeah. It’s nice to be done up sometimes and if I have to do that everyday it sucks, and it’s like fuck it why should you have to. You know?

Are you still close with the other girls from the band?

Yes. We are cool. We don’t hate each other or anything. We are just all very different and I think that’s why we get along so well.

I know you do a lot of 90’s/00’s throwbacks—can you talk about where those inspirations come from?

Songs I was listening to growing up—I was obsessed with Aaliyah and Janet. There are still songs from artists that I’ve been listening to since I was 13. That’s obviously influenced my music a lot. I love a slow jam and I don’t think that will ever change.

What’s next now that the EP is released? Any tours in the works?

We are traveling, doing a lot more shows, and working on the shows at the moment, so I’ll keep you updated.

What kind of feedback have you gotten about the EP?

The response has been amazing! I’m so happy. I guess because the EP is so honest I was like, “Shit what if people hate it? Or is it too much?” You start to question yourself. But the feedback has been cool. I’m really happy about that.

Do you have any long term goals for your music?

I definitely want to do more shows, make music, have people enjoy the shows. I really don’t want a lot. I’m just happy to make music that people can enjoy.

Dope. We’re stoked for your EP!

Chapter Two, it’s out now! Thank you so much!

Images courtesy of Stephanie Sian-Smith

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