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Vaquera Delivers Youthful Couture [NYFW]

The fashion scene thrives on two things, the relationship between established designers and their present influence, and the up-comer. This season, the clear up-comers of NYFW are the four young voices that make up the groundbreaking art collective Vaquera. A complete turnaround from their recent Handmaid’s Tale presentation, this collection abounds with couture but displays a more personal insight into Vaquera’s youthful identity and image of street style.

The thrifty essence of this collection and use of nostalgic americana fabrics feels liberating and malleable, replacing the goal of trend with risky creative couture. The models, very androgynous, each represent their own individualities both in walk and expression, shaking what has become the runway standard of uniformity by embracing uniqueness. The standout looks of the presentation are the overlaid dress made entirely out of Vaquera gift cards, a hawaiian print dress with the largest bow you’ve ever seen, a shredded tee proclaiming “Fuck Death” and the final look, an epic and brilliantly draped giant bathrobe.

Beyond the looks, Vaquera’s evolution of work remains on brand with their mission to create a platform that is observant and audible testament to the current social, political or trending climate. This collection is almost a call to the amount of substance we’ve immersed into culture that will not disappear. Reality is, fashion can’t hide or erase any truth in the larger scope of things and ultimately will not save the world. Can it be used as a creative platform to promote empowered voices and change? Absolutely. Vaquera gets it and we are here for it.

Images via Vogue.

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