After enrolling in fashion school, Antonio Banderas first collaborated on his first-ever collection, and is now set to star in a new film about Gianni Versace.



Versace Wants No Part In Antonio Banderas-Led Versace Film

The thing with fame is that, whether you like it or not, your voice influences many, and whether you deserve it or not, you matter. And celebrities venturing into fashion is a case in point; whether skilled designers or not, when a celebrity starts a fashion line, they tend to skirt the hindrances and obstacles that a young, unknown designer typically faces. Which is what made Antonio Banderas‘ decision to, at over 50 years old, enroll in fashion school so touching.

The man who made Zorro timelessly cool (kind of) is currently studying fashion design at Central Saint Martins, and recently released his first collection, a collaboration between himself and the sharp, Danish high street label Selected. Now, Banderas is apparently set to play Gianni Versace in an upcoming Bille August directed film on the late designer’s life.

According to earlier reports, filming will begin in December in Milan; will then move to the southern town Reggio Calabria, where Versace was born; and from there, will move to Miami, the town where Versace was killed. As of last week, however, the Versace fashion house spoke out about the film, stating that they had no part whatsoever in the making of it. “[The Versace fashion house] has neither authorized nor had any involvement whatsoever in the forthcoming movie about Versace,” the house stated. “The movie should only be seen as a work of fiction.” Right then!

Whether or not the brand is complicit in the film, we’re still eagerly anticipating its release, if only because Versace’s legacy will be depicted by someone who actually knows how to work a sewing machine. And a cape.

We see laser-cutting in somebody’s future…

Image via Tumblr.

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