Insight on styling, selfies, and pain for the sake of serving a look.



VFILES Style Queen Rox Brown Plays Never Have I Ever

Stylists don’t make the clothes, the shoes, the hair, or the makeup, but they make the look, and that’s arguably the most important part of any presentation. Case in point? VFILES queen Rox Brown, who’s expertise in the area of style is second to none.

Get acquainted with the Jamaican-born Rox Brown: Director of VIP services, resident curator at VFILES, and celebrity stylist, she’s offering up insight on styling, selfies, and pain for the sake of serving a look, via one no-holding-back rendition of an old favorite, Never Have I Ever. Now, without further ado:

Never Have I Ever…

…worn a straight-off-the-runway look.

I’ve worn so much from the runway. I usually run backstage after the VFILES runway to get dressed for my next show or the next after party. This is almost tradition for me. I’ve done this plenty but my favorite was about two years ago when discount universe first made an appearance, I wore a blue gemmed jacket with a sequin cheetah set. I literally tore it off the models back lol.

….injured myself while trying to take a selfie.

I have had so many selfie related injuries because I try to take them lying down and always drop my phone on my face. The worst was having a busted lip but the selfie was phenomenal.

….let a celeb borrow one of my wigs.

That’s pretty gross, I usually get my extensions sewn in. But share a wig? Never would I share a wig lol.

….end up wearing a look I styled for someone else.

I usually wear the looks first then I either get copied or a request for the same exact look. Sometimes I’m annoyed because shhheesh can I live a little. I try to always change it up for someone else if they don’t request the exact look.

….have a celeb style me.

No I’ve never had a celeb style me. I actually hate to be styled by others, unless we have the same taste.

….worn a piece from a shoot.

No, not really. If I’m not the subject of the shoot I usually don’t choose items for myself. So I don’t really wear things from shoots. I’d prefer it to be seen only on the subject.

….never have I ever worn something uncomfortable for the sake of serving a look.

All the time. Short skirts are always uncomfortable. Sometimes things don’t fit well but I make it work. It’s life when carrying.

….never have I ever let my mother style me.

My mom styled me up until I was 10 after that I never let her choose anything for me. I’d be covered from head to toe and I like to show skin.

….never have I been the first to leave a party.

I’m always the first to leave a party. I love the mystery…. lol. It’s like, “I just saw her” or they see a photo of me at the event but never actually see me there.

….never have I been denied entrance into a party.

I don’t get denied entry because I make sure that’s sorted before I get there. I think that getting denied entry to an event is so embarrassing. If I’m not 100 percent sure I’ll get in, I won’t go.

Images via Interview Magazine and Versus and Company

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