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Victoria Beckham Makes The Anti-Posh Collection

There was a brief moment in the early 2000s when bustiers were in high demand. They were severely lung constricting and left indents on your chest for days, but Jennifer Love Hewitt was doing it and girls were determined. Victoria Beckham is no stranger to the corset craze, and seemed to take her Fall/Winter ’16 collection as an opportunity to right her past Posh-tinted wrongs.

The focal point of her collection was revising and even redeeming bustiers and corsets. “I wanted to look at my wardrobe and rework things,” Victoria told Vogue. “The collection is a reflection of the evolution of my personal style.” It was as if Mrs. Beckham was acknowledging to the world, through her clothes, her former life as a repeat tube dress and contemptible corset offender—embracing and capitalizing on her past mistakes, and using them to both right her wrongs and map out a much more elegant and sophisticated future.

The collection was chock-full of wool-looking dresses that came in a checkered pattern and that featured bustier tops devoid of boning, sleek cut-outs, raw hems, and recalled the Prada Fall/Winter ’13 collection. And there was a particularly toothsome houndstooth-plaid hybrid—“heritage houndstooth,” according to Beckham—that came in the aforementioned bustier dresses, as well as long and scrumptious raw hemmed coats. The color pairings are worth noting too—a black and orange miniature argyle dress paired with magenta, pointed toe, buckled oxfords made for a particularly arresting look. Anything that wasn’t fashioned out of a wool-like fabric was made of a fine, stretchy, ribbed knit that extended into skirts and pants, and tugged on the heartstrings.

This was a collection for the woman who’s made it; it had a very London feel, a very Greta Gerwig feel. It was cozy, preppy, modest, and avant-garde all at once—and would pair nicely with an aperitif that you can’t pronounce.

Photography by Sonny Vandevelde.

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