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Vintage Styling 101, Brought to You by Alex Lee

Whenever we hear someone trying to explain their way out of supporting fast fashion with the excuse that everything else is too expensive, we can’t help but think, But vintage. Have you ever heard of vintage? It’s kind of like when we hear people complain about being too lazy to work out; But what about Pilates? Y’know, the exercise that asks you to remain horizontal, supine, in a near sleep position?

If you look hard enough, there’s always an easier, more fun, and less ugly alternative that doesn’t involve side cramps or peacoats made by underprivileged Bangladeshi children in horrible working conditions. I know it, my Pilates instructor knows it, and you know who else knows it? Alex Lee. You might recognize him as the guy who’s sometimes posted up at Procell (which reminds us of yet another alternative to supporting fast fashion) or as the guy taking photos of you on the street (if you happen to be a normal yet funky mom in Chinatown doing her laundry). But outside of that, he also photographs and styles, and usually does so with exclusively vintage pieces; as Lee told us, “My goal is to create less waste, always, so I’d much rather find clothing I can recycle than buy or pull some new shit.” And the editorial he shot and styled above is no different. “I sourced the pieces I used in this shoot from all over—mostly from hitting thrift stores across the city, which has been a part of my weekly routine for awhile now.” The trompe l’oeil trench coat shirt was an eBay find (“I splurged on that baby,” he told us), and the Burberry coat borrowed from his friend Rhamier (hi Rhamier).

Also worth noting is the model, Vera Lesavoy. Kate Moss, it appears, is not the only one trying to rewrite the rules of modeling with her own modeling agency. No Agency is too; they represent Vera and a host of other models that don’t necessarily fit the typical model mold and are pursuing work outside of modeling. Apart from apparently being a generally creative girl, Vera, for instance, is also pursuing acting.

You’ll also notice some VHS stills incorporated into the shoot; like all of Lee’s work, the photos above are really just a product of some good ol’ fun. “The shoot was fun and not too serious,” he told us. “And I’ve even included some VHS stills that are fun and not too serious, because when you have fun and aren’t too serious, life can be seriously fun!”

We concur.

Images taken exclusively for Milk by Alex Lee

Model: Vera Lesavoy (No Agency) 

Stylist: Alex Lee

Stay tuned to Milk for more sweet editorials. 

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