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VNUSAMR Talks 'In This Church' And Her New Single, "Runnin"

VNUSAMR’s song writing process is unconventional, to say the least; she does little groundwork prior to the studio, but once she’s there, the real magic unfolds, en mass. It’s this go-with-the-flow approach that’s arguably been the key to this Miami artist’s success so far: with a newly-released single out today and an EP dropping next month—both of which are departures from her previous self-described sensual sound—she’s moving into something more experimental and all-together new. It’s a refreshing change of pace for this R&B queen, and one we’re stoked to follow in the months to come.

Peep VNUSAMR’s new “Runnin” single below, read the full interview, and then stay tuned till Friday for a dope weekend playlist curated by the artist herself.

Congrats on the release of “Runnin!” Can you tell us about the creative process behind the track? What inspired you with this one?

“Runnin” is this situation—when I’m in my space of creating art or just in life, I’m not running away from what I’ve been through but like, finally clearing the air and running to a new path and new beginnings. It’s like a follow-up of one of the singles I have on my project called “One Day”, so I kind of was messing around with Fruity Loops. I started making beats, and I was just messing around with drums and stuff and then I ended up making a cool baseline and I just came up with the melody and it just all went really well together. So I started writing the song and at first it was just something I was playing around with because I had just started producing and wasn’t super confident about my production, but I ended up taking it to the studio and the engineer was like, “This is really dope, like you should definitely go in and record this, I’ll mix up the beat for you and everything.” So we made it and it just kind of all molded together in the studio. 

Is that how your songs typically come together? What’s your usual process?

Yes, yeah—I know that other artists usually pre-write their songs and they have everything ready, but for me, I kind of just go off my mood and my energy and whoever I’m in the studio with and it kind of just comes together. I usually work from my home so I’m by myself most of the time, but lately I’ve been working in the studio with my producer and usually we go off of the vibe.

I guess you can never really predict what’s going to happen in the studio and how you’re going to feel about everything once you get to that space. 

Yeah, exactly.

Let’s talk about your upcoming EP, In This Church. What are you trying to express? 

In this Church represents a completely different meaning of the word “church.” I’m trying to create a new meaning which is your atmosphere and how you like to cope through things etc., so for me, my atmosphere is that I like to be in my room a lot; I don’t like to be around a lot of people unless it’s my really close friends; I like to light candles, incense; especially when I’m creating I just get into that vibe. The project is really about, “Oh, thank you for being in my atmosphere” as in, “in my church,” and I’m also evolving and growing as an artist so it’s definitely leading me to a new space. I’m starting off with showing everyone what my atmosphere is and what goes through my head everyday.

So do you feel like it’s going to be a super intimate project, like a window into things you haven’t already put out there?

Yeah this is definitely new stuff, like I’ve never put anything out there like this and I think people will definitely relate to most of the songs because with this EP, I went outside of my own space bubble and, you know, I’m talking about energy and deeper things than just love. I mean even though love beating pleasure is something I stand by the most, I kind of just wanted to give them something else. It’s not just about love, you know? I’m going through a bunch of other stuff and I want people to feel me on every aspect.

Cool. So you talked a little about this, but how has your music evolved from your first project to In this Church?

Oh my God, I feel like my music has evolved like so crazy—when I first ever, ever started, I remember my brother bought me a mic for my birthday like three years ago and that was when I made Fruity Loops on my little HP laptop and it was so messed up because you can hear this airplane noise in the tracks. [Laughs] But for me, I used to just freestyle and I wouldn’t really write a song, just write melodies and stuff and I definitely feel I’ve found different chambers in my voice that I would’ve never thought I could do like three or four years ago. I do think that is a definitely a big evolution from all my previous music.

With the music that I’ve already released on my SoundCloud, it’s very sensual, chill vibes, like music that you can smoke to and drink to, etc. I definitely feel like that stuff is more of an R&B type, but for this experimental project and for what I’ve been creating lately, it’s not even music you can put in a specific genre—it’s just like super different and on a whole different level.

That’s dope. Who are some of your biggest sources of inspiration?

Well when I was younger, definitely Alicia Keys because she empowers women and that’s something I want to do too. Like doing what you want and you know moving on from things that aren’t beneficial and not being afraid to be yourself. So definitely Alicia Keys; Michael Jackson; Ashanti; The Weeknd; FKA Twigs, and I’m not even going to lie—I’m a huge Gucci Mane fan! [Laughs] It’s crazy because he doesn’t inspire my music at all, but I love Gucci Mane. His music just inspires me to make beats for rappers and that’s something I want to get into.

Since the New Year just passeddo you have any New Year’s Resolutions, or anything in the pipeline for 2017 that you can share?

I definitely want to evolve even more and especially with music, I want to do more live stuff. But I just kind of want to get to the next level—I’ve been very patient everyday and I just want to do bigger things this year. It’s all going to work in the universe and God’s favor.

Featured image courtesy of Marcia Tucker; styling by Siliza Valdez

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