Watch FKA twigs' Return With an Exorcist Pillow Talk

That crack you just heard was the sound of my body breaking as I tried to reenact FKA twigs’ newest video. The eclectic contortionist and singer has come out of the (Forks, Washington) woodwork and released her first material since the New Year in her usual style—whenever and whenever she wants it to come out. The last time we heard new music from her was when she pulled a Beyoncé and released her third EP, M3LL155X, along with a 16-minute short film she directed. It was a brilliantly weird art film that followed her visually rich aesthetic, which is a fancy way of saying that it involved lots of contortions, blowup doll sexual assaults, and rainbow-colored birth water. For her most recent song, “Good to Love,” the singer toned down her usually unchecked display of oddity, while also staying true to her reputation for eccentricity.


In the video, she leaves the childbirth at home and instead gives us her own version of pillow talk in the form of naked twisting and swaying in between white sheets. Speaking of, can we petition Zayn Malik to recreate FKA’s video for his own song? Rustling around naked in bed would make up for the headache-inducing visuals he threw at us last month. While singing the surprisingly morose song, twigs contorts and flashes more rings than your grandma wears out to bingo night. “I’ve got a right to hurt inside so will you hold me while I cry,” she asks over the track. “And let me lay against your side. So let me love.” The only thing we want laying against our side right now is a puppy or a body pillow.

As we move into the weekend and celebrate having FKA twigs back in our life, the only mystery left to solve is how twigs manages to look so good in bed while we look like a deleted scene from The Exorcist every morning when we wake up. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Stay tuned to Milk for more contortionist-friendly music videos. 

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