Good (pink) hair, don't care. Check out Grimes in Stella McCartney's new perfume campaign.



Watch Grimes Ramble In Stella McCartney’s Charming Perfume Ad

Grimes is just so effortlessly charming, isn’t she? Her nerdy obsessions with everything pop culture and her insane amount of talent and skill not only result in some spectacular music, but also a person we just aspire to be best friends with. And nowhere does she show off her irresistible charm more than this new Stella McCartney campaign ad.

The musician and producer’s first ad for Stella McCartney’s new sustainable perfume, POP, debuted this morning, and it depicts the fuzzy pinkish dreamland we all want to live in. Grimes endearingly rambles about friendship, sustainability, and the environment through the 30-second collage of lo-fi frolicking, adding in a sneaky jab at sociopaths in the process.

“Sustainability in fashion stuff is something that I really care about,” Grimes says. “It’s not something that exists for the sake of aesthetics, but something that exists because someone cares about it.” She ends the commercial with a short and sweet message about the empowerment of arts. “Anything executed with confidence, I think, can be beautiful.”

It was announced last month that designer McCartney selected Grimes to be one of the faces for the POP fragrance campaign, heaping her with praise in an Instagram post. “Grimes is a wonderful musician, director, and writer,” McCartney said. “She’s the real deal, which I think is really rare to come across. She refuses to compromise on anything ethically or artistically, which sets her apart from many of her contemporaries.”

The campaign was shot by fashion photographer Glen Luchford and also stars young director and kickass feminist Amandla Stenberg, model Kenya Kinski-Jones (Rashida’s sister), and Madonna’s daughter and future Queen of Pop Lourdes Leon. We’re stoked to see more from these rad young women. And you should get Grimes’ latest album Art Angels. Even though you should already have it. Just buy it again.

Image via Stereogum.

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