Put down that grip tape, bro. Watch skate legend Jonah Hill tell you about the totally sick new Palace collab with Reebok in a totally real Palace store.



Watch Jonah Hill Be a Sick Skate Bro for the New Palace Collab

Dude, set down your grip tape and take a break from practicing your ollie because there is some sick news in the skateboarding world. And no, it’s not more hot models from Wilhelmina skateboarding around town, but it’s close. To help launch their upcoming collaboration with Reebok, the bona fide, London based skateboarding brand Palace enlisted skate legend and all-around shredmaster Jonah Hill to hype up the crowds for the remastered and revamped line of Club C sneakers. Oh and by the way, if you didn’t know Hill could skate—that’s because he can’t.

In the video, which is in “sunny London,” as Hill so eloquently calls it, at Palace’s London shop—or else a green screen of it—Hill awkwardly attempts to talk like a skater while interacting with fellow skate dudes. “Palace, I love that stuff,” he says. “I always make sure I come by the store, y’know, just to hang… and wax my grip tape, and whatever other truck stuff I need.” Throughout the entirety of the video, Hill assumes a Michael Cera-tinged, cripplingly awkward demeanor, and likens the Palace x Reebok collab to “having the most amazing sex with a rare white tiger on your birthday.” Unsurprisingly, his attempt to fit in with the Palace crew goes about as smoothly as your grandfather consulting the How to Talk Like a Skater WikiHow page, and trying to do the same.

Hill’s endorsement notwithstanding, the collab is pretty sweet. And this isn’t the first time the two brands have teamed up either; in 2013, they released a collection to much acclaim, but regrettably didn’t have skate pro Jonah Hill to assist in the drop. Ready to do some varial kickflip your way into the new Club Cs? Chillax, man. They’re available July 9th, on Palace’s webstore.

Stay tuned to Milk for more sick skate news, dude. 

Image via Palace. 

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