T-Pain in his new video for “Whatever I Want," a recreation of The Smiths' “Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before.”



Watch T-Pain In A Brilliant Remake Of A Classic Smiths Video

T-Pain, the hip-hop artist who has recently, thankfully, retired the embellished top hat look, collaborated with the DJ duo Classixx to recreate The Smiths’ music video “Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before.” Classixx’s music video for “Whatever I Want” features T-Pain riding around on a fixed gear cruiser, passing posters of Oscar Wilde, and hanging out with a bunch of dorky-looking people (like us!). The shot-for-shot remake of the Smith’s original 1987 video was entirely filmed using a GoPro camera, directed by Daniel Pappas.

T-Pain channels a perfect Morrissey with his thick-rimmed glasses, looking apathetic while trying not to act like he’s having too much fun riding bikes around East Los Angeles. Tyler Blake and Michael David, the members of Classixx, play two of T-Pain’s hipster bike gang in the opening scene. In the original Smith’s video, the group rocked vintage jean jackets with the words “The Smiths” embroidered on the back, while this revival video featured jackets with the words “Classixx” instead.

There’s no doubt that T-Pain has made some changes since his first couple of auto-tuned hits. Let’s remember that this is the same guy that gave us “I’m in Love with a Stripper,”  “Buy You A Drank,” and “Bartender.” But like Morrissey, this is also an artist who struggled with depression. T-Pain, which stands for Tallahassee Pain, has opened up about his personal struggles, and about escaping Tallahassee, Florida’s capital and ultimate wasteland for youth. “The pain in T-Pain, basically, is about getting out of Tallahassee and being a better person, a better artist, a more well-known entity,” said T-Pain in an interview with NPR. “It was very painful trying to get out of that city and do better things.”

The director, Pappas, explained that Morrissy and T-Pain have much more in common than either of their audiences would think. “The video was inspired by the song’s attitude towards doing ‘whatever I want,’ T-Pain’s well chronicled struggle with depression, the shared sadness of Smiths fans, and how, through all of the depression and sadness, when you look like Morrissey in whatever way you can, everything is going to be okay.”

Image via Pitchfork

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