The Spice Girls jam "Wannabe" is back, except this time it features some fresh faces and swaps out the zigazig ah for a push to end violence against women and close the gender pay gap.



Watch This Spice Girls Jam Become a Global Feminist Anthem

Leave the zigazig ah’s at home (whatever those are), because a new generation of women are ready to tell you what they want—what they really, really want. And in the form of a feminist powerhouse video remake of the iconic Spice Girls jam,“Wannabe.”

It’s all part of a push for a series of global goals set by the United Nations that aim to improve conditions for all people—especially women. Created by Project Everyone—a campaign that aims to eradicate poverty and injustice, as well as fight climate change with the help of everyone from actors Freida Pinto and Chiwetel Ejiofor to Posh Spice herself—the video features an international girl gang that dances their way through a list of demands for what they really, really want that includes: ending violence against girls, quality education for all girls, ending child marriage, and equal pay for equal work.

“I think this film is a wonderful idea,” Victoria Beckham told The Guardian. “How fabulous it is that after 20 years the legacy of the Spice Girls’ girl power is being used to encourage and empower a whole new generation?” What’s more, the director of the video MJ Delaney outed himself as a Spice Girl stan. “This is about modern day girl power. The Spice Girls were about a group of different women joining together and being stronger through that bond. These differences are what we want to celebrate in this film, while showing there are some universal things that all girls, everywhere, really, really want.”

And he’s right; the video, which bounces around the globe in one seamless sequence, isn’t short on international girl power. It features artists from India, Nigeria, South Africa, the UK, USA, and Canada that include Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez, London R&B trio M.O, American dancer Taylor Hatala, and more. If you’re ready to tell the world that you really, really want global equality, hit up the hashtag #WhatIReallyReallyWant to spread the feminist love.

Stay tuned to Milk for more feminism. 

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