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1/26 — Mikkel Bang and Jake Burton



We Turned Up With Burton To Celebrate Jake Burton's Mine77 Collection

This past Wednesday, Milk co-hosted an epic launch to celebrate Milk fam Jake Burton’s Mine77, a new unisex collection featuring technical outerwear, layering pieces, bags, and snowboard hard goods. We parked it at SubMercer in the basement of the Mercer Hotel that gave us some major ski cabin vibes, decorated with lucite boxes of each product paired with descriptions written by Jake himself, his sketches that documented the process of idea to creation, and some throwback images to pay homage to the origins of Burton. Burton fam Tavia Bonetti, Mikkel Bang, Timothy Carpenter, and more showed their support for the new collection as they partied all night to music from BSTN.

“Mine77 is a way for me to be hands on again with every detail of a product collection – from the features, fabric and fit to the words on the hangtags and the style of a photoshoot,” Burton said. “It’s really personal for me because after being on my deathbed a few years ago with Miller Fisher syndrome, I changed. I wanted to live for the moment, be more creative and do some things that were outside the box. My wife and Burton Co-CEO Donna said I should do my own thing – so Mine77 was born.”

Click through the slideshow above to peep some of the photos from the launch.

Stay tuned to Milk for more Burton launches.

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