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1/23 — Kerwin Frost



Weekend Recap: Kerwin Frost's Birthday Extravaganza

This Friday, we celebrated Co-founder of Spaghetti BoysKerwin Frost’s, birthday at the Milk Gallery. With a line out the door, party guests could hear the deafening beats of Kerwin’s DJ set down the block. On the stage, there were four Kerwin’s, one of which was deejaying the night (the rest were CGI.) To the right of the crowd of moshers was a CGI projection of Frost dancing at the Adidas store (check out the sneaker cake that he tried on,) running at Central Park, plié-ing at an Apple keynote, swaying at a disco club, and hopping around yoga mats. In case you missed it – check out Andres Norwood’s snaps for a full party recap.

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