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Weekend Recap: Lefthand LA & 1-Off’s Reworkshop at Depop Space LA

This weekend Milk stopped by the Reworkshop pop-up hosted by LA fashion lines, Lefthand and 1-Off, at Depop Space LA. In between gracing our clothes with patches and booty poppin’ to Old Town Road (Remix), we caught up with Julie Kucharski of Lefthand to talk everything DIY.

When did you begin sewing and patch working?

I started sewing when I was nine. I was always kinda awkward and wanted to express myself through my outfits. I spent waaaay too much time at Limited Too pretending it was my closet and my mom made all of my Halloween costumes growing up so she taught me how to sew. The patchwork came from my love for collaging. I was always cutting up Teen Vogue and J-14 magazines and gluing them on my bedside tables and lamp shades.

Where do you get your patches from?

I make my patches! Some are made from scratch on Photoshop, some are sourced images from archived internet searches. Also when Lefthand first started, a lot of the patches were art my friends drew.

Which designers inspire and influence your creativity?

I’ve always loved crazy colors and plenty of embellishments. Growing up I watched Heatherette and Betsey Johnson and I thrifted a lot. That’s how Lefthand really started and that’s where the majority of my inspiration comes from. Vintage clothes were made so well; I hate this fast fashion Forever 21 crap! I wonder what thrifting will be like for our kids. . .

This ReWorkshop is a pop-up in collaboration with 1-Off. How did you meet and decide to create this experience together?

We met the 1-Off designer today! He’s super cool. I hope we get a chance to collab in the near future!

Can we expect more Lefthand pop-ups in the future?

Definitely! More pop-ups and fashion shows! We hope to eventually have a workspace where people can stop by and shop.

How did you come up with the name of your line?

I’m left-handed! And I love Lisa Lopes aka Left Eye. I had to order special sewing scissors that were left-handed when I first started out and in a way it kinda resembles the uniqueness of the brand.

Your one-of-a-kind pieces have been worn by Rihanna, Billie Eilish, and Tommy Genesis among other amazing artists. Who would you like to see wearing your pieces next?

Obama and his entire family. I love Tierra Whack. Also Justin Bieber would be so cool!

How many original pieces have you created?

Omg I have no idea. Thousands, maybe even tens-of-thousands. I hate making the same thing twice, it’s boring.

What’s some advice you would give to other artists who aspire to self-govern their brand at a DIY level?

If you work hard towards your goal everyday, things will work out for you eventually. Practice makes perfect and never compare yourself to others because they’ll never be you.

Images courtesy of Chloe Cusimano

Stay tuned to Milk for more DIY culture.

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