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Weekend Recap: NYCC 2019

If you found yourself on the subway seated next to something resembling Godzilla or falling behind a troupe of homemade Avengers, you weren’t still feeling the effects of last night’s party; you were caught up in the throngs of the faithful fandom descending on Manhattan’s Javitt’s Center this past weekend for the annual pop-culture juggernaut known as New York Comic-Con.
Since 2013 Milk has featured portraits of the remarkably inventive cosplay devotees on display. Over the years, Milk fam Andrew Boyle, has created the photobook Heroes And Villains featuring these images as they celebrate the culture of costumed geekdom. With roughly half the attendees in costume, you could shoot all day, and there’s no shortage of common faves (The Joker, Harley Quinn, Stranger Things, and Deadpool still dominate). From stunning interpretations of Avengers to X-Men, we found ourselves focused on clever mashups, steampunk variations on familiar characters, obscure deep cuts from film, or just something a little oddball.
Of course, NYCC  is about the panels, the screenings, the celebrity appearances, the trailer premieres, games and toys to drop throughout the following year. But it’s being surrounded by a sea of humanity reveling in maintaining their inner childlike enthusiasm for heroes and villains.
Images Courtesy of Andrew Boyle
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