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Weekend Recap: Relive Afropunk Fest 2K18

This year’s Afropunk Festival was too lit not to share. With headliners like Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae, and Tyler, The Creator living up to their larger than life reputations, and emerging stars like Jamila Woods, Nova Twins, and Black Pantera rising to the occasion, we soaked in the goodness that was happening at Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn all weekend long. Our favorite moments from the fest? Probably that Janelle Monae x Erykah Badu duet or the many crowd surfing moments that happened throughout (because what’s a proper festival without a crowd who knows how to party?). Hear straight from our photographer, Milk fam Andy Boyle, on what makes Afropunk so damn spectacular:

“I’ve been heading to Afropunk for the last six years and capturing the people that make up the festival has become an ongoing photo story for me,” Boyle says. “Each year I try something a little different so that the years don’t feel too interchangeable, obviously the people change, but the backgrounds can feel the same. This year I threw my Mamiya RB67 (which I nickname ‘The Brick’ because of the weight) in with my digital cameras and used it to slow things down a bit. As the 120 back only shoots ten frames, you have to be conservative with the volume of shooting, so I’ll often snap one frame, at most two, of each person. I like that challenge as it makes you stop, consider and pose the subject. Seeing this make of camera popping up in the hands of several young photographers that I met, including Myles Loftin (who is one of my favorites shooters out there), was great. Each photographer seemed to appreciate the mechanics and the intricacies of that camera. For me, I enjoy that it’s a conversation starter due it’s size and appearance, as I often got stopped with ‘what kind of camera is that?’, and people react a little differently when you line up a shot with it. There are so many amazing individuals at this festival, and I enjoy observing the strength of black music, art and activism each year, and hopefully capture in some way the spirit of this vital event.”

If you missed out this weekend, not to worry—check our visual recap from fam Andy Boyle in the gallery above.

Stay tuned to Milk for more festival recaps. 

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