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Weekend Recap: Sonic Recess LA

You’d think that a 104-year-old, flamenco bar in Los Angeles would be dead empty the weekend after Thanksgiving—or at least I would. But, descending El-Cid Restaurant‘s steps on Saturday, into its tucked away, Spanish-secret-garden-of-sorts, a pulsating beat and a specific skunk-iness in the air would ask me to consider otherwise.

Other Peoples Children, an LA-based arts collective, made sure the venue’s amplifiers stayed very much on as they held their third official talent showcase, “Sonic Recess,”  hosted by Gabbriette. Channeling an Old Hollywood energy from the landmark venue, the event was a coming together of some of LA’s most unique, up-and-coming artists.

Featuring a lineup of stellar performers—including Who Cares, 212GREEN, Espresso, and Scam Likely, courtesy of Lost & Found Management—the concert was stacked with artists that encapsulate the sound of LA. Outfitted with a flash tattoo station and an ample weed bar to top it all off, O.P.C. managed to capture a slice of the city’s culture, too.

O.P.C. was founded with the goal of supporting the originality that stems from emerging creatives. With studio spaces, shelves of production equipment, and a full-fledged vision of seeing their “kids” flourish, the collective has begun to increasingly root itself in LA’s next wave of artists, musicians, and writers. 

“We feel the greatest investment is to invest in others,” said Jesse Simon and Blair Green, the collective’s creators. “We want to give back and to use art as a tool for liberation – equipping talent with the building blocks to prosper in their respective mediums, while maintaining our punk-rock, do-it-yourself ethic.”

O.P.C. reflects the push towards innovation and a desire for new talent throughout many facets of the creative landscape.  “There’s no blueprint, and I don’t know if there ever has been,” said Gabbriette. “I guess because I’m around it more often than I used to be, I see a lot of great collaborations coming forth. I’m excited for new visuals and new perspectives.”

Stay tuned for more photo diaries from events we love.

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