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1/32 — William Strobeck and his mother.



Weekend Recap: William Strobeck's Lovely Mess

Last Friday, Milk Gallery hosted the opening of William Strobeck’s “My Lovely Mess.” Up through November 22nd, Strobeck’s first exhibition showcases the videographer’s community and lifetime of work. From stills of Supreme skaters and his close friends to Twitter screenshots and a replica of his East Village apartment (that was filled with all of his real belongings,) the exhibition is a true look into Strobeck’s world. Friends and family skated in around 6 PM to get a first glimpse into the show; every other person had a board in one hand, and a forty in the other. Throughout the night, guests flocked in and huddled outside to get their hands on limited-edition Supreme merch, Fucking Awesome decks, and to get a peek inside the apartment that has housed so much of NY’s skate history.

“My Lovely Mess.” is open to the public from 10 AM-6 PM through November 22nd. 

Stay tuned to Milk for more gallery updates. 

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