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Weird Stuff To Buy From Elvis, Margaret Thatcher + Other Dead Celebs

Alexander Wang has just announced his collaboration with the Weeknd via Instagram, and Adrien Brody has just announced his first foray into the art world. This is big, but the good news doesn’t end there. A bunch of dead celebrity relics are now up for auction on Julien’s Live, and on December 15th, Christie’s in London is putting up 350 items of Margaret Thatcher’s. There’s a lot of stuff to dig through, but to save you the trouble, we’ve rounded up the weirdest celebrity stuff you will soon be able to own.

1. Margaret Thatcher’s Bling

It’s gotta go somewhere, and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London doesn’t want it. Clothing, accessories, and jewelry belonging to the former prime minister were offered by her family to the V&A after her death in 2013. News of the museum’s “polite refusal” caused some backlash, and even Vivienne Westwood argued that Thatcher had “terrific taste,” and that it “would have been lovely for the V&A to put her dresses on display.”


2. Elvis Presley’s Pill Bottles

You could own an original poem hand-written by this rock legend, or even one of his many shiny gold rings, but why would you, when you could bid on one of his muscle relaxant prescriptions? Or better yet, one of his old Valium bottles? The bottle can be yours for about $6,000 dollars, which is a little expensive, considering there’s no actual Valium inside.


3. Kurt Cobain’s Hair

This is probably the weirdest item on the list. This lock of hair, which has a starting bid of $4000, was originally given to doll maker Dame Darcy by Courtney Love. Love had commissioned Darcy to make a doll for their daughter, Frances, and the hair for sale is leftover from what Darcy didn’t use. It’s perfect for Wiccan shrines and voodoo dolls.


4. Michael Jackson’s Pajamas

We’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t need this funky flannel garment in their closet. It was worn by the pop icon in his 1989 music video for “Leave Me Alone.” This is the most affordable item on the list, with a starting bid of $1000. No information is offered as to why the price is set so low. Perhaps it’s haunted.


5. Thriller Grills

Another artifact from a classic Michael Jackson video. If you happen to be the highest bidder, you can use this mold to create an exact replica of the fangs worn by those sexy werewolves in the “Thriller” video. But with a starting bid of $7,500 and an estimate of up to $17,000, this might be your most expensive halloween costume ever.


6. John Lennon’s Guitar

This storied instrument, with an opening bid of a mere $300,000, was reportedly used to compose such classics as “Please Please Me” and “Love Me Do.” This Gibson J-160E was separated from Lennon in the sixties, and it wasn’t until 2008, when someone purchased it from a San Diego music store, that its origin was discovered.


Images via Julien’s Live and Christie’s

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