Welcome to Milk!

To first-time visitors, our longtime readers, and the Sri Lankans who just accidentally wandered onto the website because of our new domain name, welcome to Milk! You may think we look vaguely familiar–like that sort of hot person you made out with at the club last night–but unlike them, we won’t leave you. Promise.

For new readers, we’re a digital magazine covering creative culture. Based out of the iconic Milk Studios in the Meatpacking District, we are New York in spirit but international in mindset. From music and fashion to technology and social justice, we celebrate those that march to a different beat and aren’t afraid to make noise and get lit. Our previous site was known as Milk Made, but as you can guess from our shiny new redesign, that site is as dead as Chingy’s music career. But all of the content, character, and ingenuity that made our former home unique has only increased tenfold with this new destination; there’s just some extra sex appeal and a lack of jokes about milk maids. The only thing that’s changed is our URL:

Welcome to your new favorite distraction.

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