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Welcome To Sundance 2020

Over the weekend Milk sent long time friend, Kalvin Lazarte, out to Park City, Utah to capture, firsthand, the 2020 Sundance Film festival. Below, Lazarte recounts his whimsical weekend.

That’s an official wrap on The Sundance Film Festival 2020.

After 10 days on top of a mountain stomping through snow-frosted sidewalks, desperately weaving in and out of the slow-moving gawkers who are chomping at the bit to catch a glimpse of a celebrity in snow gear. Running up and down the quaint and colorful Main Street of Park City, Utah from theater to theater, interview to interview, and party to party. Borrowing phone chargers from strangers as we bump elbows with producers and directors younger (or with just a way more intense skincare regime) than us.

We survived off free finger foods and theater popcorn.

We drank cocktails with The New York Times in celebration of their first two documentary features to be accepted into Sundance.

We bumped into every person you have ever seen on tv or in the movies at WarnerMedia & AT&T’s “The Lodge” – a place that felt more like a mosh pit with furniture than a cabin in the mountains. The first night at The Lodge we may or may not have offended Matt Berninger from The National right before he went on stage (long story) to perform his solo work before a cacophony of chattering festival-goers.

We got a hot tip, bought the proper outfits and snuck into the Netflix bash for Taylor Swift as cater waiters and were promptly asked to leave by the nicest security guy on the planet (Hell yeah, Utah) when we were seen consuming way more of the free drinks than we had been serving (which was zero).

We sobered up each morning with coffee at Sundance Headquarters and kept warm by stopping in twice a day for free hot chocolate and soup at the pop-up lounge in celebration of Will Farrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ new film “Downhill”. That lounge also served up tarot readings and free oxygen… that’s right… free fuckin oxygen! [insert eye roll here.]

We pushed microphones into faces of the stars like Aubrey Plaza, Lola Kirke, Aya Cash, Christopher Abbott, Ethan Hawke, Jim Gaffigan, and Sarah Gordon.

We swore to never set foot on another red carpet press line, ever again, for as long as we live.

We had too good of a time at the premiere party for Scare Me (favorite movie we saw at the festival this year.)

We saw inspirational talk after inspirational talk at the NRDC Impact Lounge. Including one where Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Gina McCarthy spoke about climate change and their desire to create stronger narrative films about the climate crisis in order to reach a wide spectrum of people.

We took more polaroids than a Crime Scene Investigator. We paid about $400 in parking fees. We ate a lobster roll from Park City Utah that was voted the best lobster roll in America in 2019.

We saw every movie you’re going to be dying to see all year long and we have the ticket stubs to prove it.

If you need us, we will be in LA enjoying the weather… right before we walk back into the Los Feliz 3.

Photography by Kalvin Lazarte.

Stay tuned to Milk for more Sundance updates.

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