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Meet Brodie Kaman, the Guy Behind Your Fave Alien Streetwear

If extraterrestrials floated down and anointed one chosen human as their earthly representative, we’d put our money on Brodie Kaman, creator of our new otherworldly obsession: Super Foreign. It’s weird, it’s cool, and it keeps us guessing..it’s everything we want in an alien-kissed streetwear brand.

The real cornerstone of Super Foreign’s vibe is the graphic element, overseen by Kaman himself and forever embodying the polar opposite of standard. The upcoming capsule collection, dropping tomorrow in party format, is the brand’s dopest yet (if you ask us). Maybe it’s the punk nods or the screen-printed idiosyncrasies on each piece…either way, they’ve got our attention. Read on for a trip inside Brodie’s wild mind.

Tell us about Super Foreign.

First, cop an earful of this:

Namaste, now let us begin. This is the story of a burgeoning infant known as Super Foreign, conceived on 03/02/2016 and delivered 06/24/2016 in Perth, Western Australia. Its prominent traits are freedom, positive energy, and spontaneous thinking, although it does tend to get straight up bonkers and party from time to time, often going walk about with no contact for months.

The imagery and typefaces you’ve incorporated are so dope. Are you personally behind all of that?

That’s awfully kind of you to say, thank you. Yes, I’m behind it all; I have a background in graphic design and have had a wobbly eye for fashion since I was a kid. I’ve been producing prints for various labels in Australia for a number of years now and have worked with some great people, but I’m not one to thrive under the constraints of boundaries. So naturally I came to the conclusion of creating something by myself.

What’s the inspiration behind everything you create? Your muses?

It’s hard for me to pinpoint specific inspiration as it comes from all over the place; odd banter, my screwball mates, and their absurd lives, pissing on stuff, I could go on for a while here… I would love to say my source of inspiration was from films, Tumblr, and getting wasted but that would be LIES.

A past lover was a muse for some time, but like all things; that grew dim, and I recently discovered my new muse: Joshua Bowman, an Englishman living in Berlin who decided to pop over and hang out in New York for a while. A few of my homies living in Berlin put us in touch two months ago and we’ve become good friends in such a short amount of time. He has such an incredibly carefree attitude, a mind as open as my legs, and a presence so calming it rivals Xanax. He has lived such an interesting, unique life so far and I can’t wait to see what he gets up to in the future.

Is there one piece in particular that you’re partial to? If so, why?

There is, but it’s still in the works, It’s part of a collaboration that will be dropping sometime in the early spring. I can’t tell you much (or I’d have to lick you) but I can tell you this: it will be relaxing, arousing, and will most definitely bring the heat. In this drop, the tote is quite the darling.

If you weren’t busy designing cool stuff, what do you think you’d be doing?

I’d probably be dead, yeah, super dead.

If an alien actually abducted you, what would you do?

I’d be like, “Hey, do you guys have any camomile tea? I’m really short on cash at the moment and I’m starting to get the shakes.” But then again it depends on what sort of aliens we’re talking about here; like I could have already been probed and dropped out in some stranger’s yard without the slightest hint of affection or a kiss goodbye, fucking jerks.

What’s up next for you guys?

Justin Miller (Deus Records) just did this fantastic mix for us in lead-up to our party this Thursday. We’re going to be doing some exclusive drops for a select few stores in Australia, Japan, and New York over the next six or so months, plus a couple of interesting collabs and lot more parties.

Photography: Zooey Jolivet

Models: Joshua Bowman and Shannan Herskovits

Stay tuned to Milk for more super dope things and people, and in the meantime, check out Super Foreign on Instagram.

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