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Were These Ads Really Too Risqué for the NYC Subway?

Thinx, the company that creates ultra-cute and ultra-functional anti-period panties, is coming to a funky subway display near you… juuust not any time soon. Outfront Media, which is responsible for choosing ads for the subway, recently shut down their ad proposals because they “seem to have a bit too much skin.” Which totally makes sense, since they featured only mostly-covered models doing poses like this:

And this:

Children ride the subway after all. The Metropolitan Transit Authority, or the MTA, is responsible for operation of New York’s subways, and they prohibit “sexual or excretory activities” or things that advertise a “sexually oriented business” because they understand that we must keep kids innocent. Which is especially interesting when one remembers that the MTA has run many ads that, if one sort of squints and rubs their eyes a little,  might not seem totally PG.


Many approved ads have centered on breast augmentations, diet pills, and the more…salacious side of Belvedere Vodka.


We’ll be honest, ladies and gentlemen. We’re just a bit… how should we put this?

What’s a good way to say “Like Oprah interviewing Lindsey Lohan circa 2013”?

Suspicious. One could spin it as a fruit thing. Maybe they just aren’t comfortable trying to make fruit into something it’s not. Fruit is good, wholesome, pure, a perfect part of any balanced diet. Outfront even noted in their rejection that the use of grapefruit seemed inappropriate “regardless of the context.” We should all just leave fruit alone, should stop trying to give things like oranges and grapefruits all these weird innuendos. We pack those in our kids’ lunches, for chrissakes.


And yet…

doctors-plastic-surgery-ad (1)

So what’s real?


Here’s one theory. It’s a little bit of a stretch so bear with us here. Maybe they were rejected because Thinx were focused all around the “p” word. You know, “period.” According to Mic, this was exactly the issue for Veronica del Rosario. But when she tried to express her concerns, she was shut down. “I stated [to an Outfront rep] that it was extremely disheartening that [certain other ads] could fly, but something for women that speaks directly to women isn’t OK by them…He replied, ‘This is not a women’s issue. Don’t try to make it a women’s rights thing.'” It’s such a shame, because Outfront kindly asked them not to make this a whole “woman’s rights thing” and she obvi tried to spin it that way. And it’s really not. They were rejected because periods are disgusting. Disgusting!

Yes, even though they’re a bodily function…

That so many people partake in…

Something that, unlike boob jobs or booze, has persisted literally since the beginning of human existence…

Like, your mother has done it…

And your mother is also disgusting. Sorry we had to let you know like this, but it was time you found out. She’s almost as gross as this quote, taken from the store’s website:”By reimagining feminine hygiene products to provide support, comfort, confidence, and peace of mind, we aim to eliminate shame, empowering women and girls around the world.” Ew. There’s no period shaming going on, periods are just a medical anomaly where blood and trash rushes out of a human’s vag with the speed and intensity of the Wacky Races. Literally no one understands it, and literally everyone thinks its gross. We for one are so, so, so glad the panel that rejected Thinx, which is made up of seven men and one women, understood that. What kind of world would it be without people like them?

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