Wes Anderson's New Movie Is An Animated Dog Adventure

Every single Wes Anderson movie is like opening a different pop-up book from your childhood. Each one has its own color palette, its own eclectic cast of characters, and its own vibrant sense of individuality. Yet if there’s one standout in the catalogue of quirk that the director has blessed us with for the past two decades, it has to be Fantastic Mr. Fox, his only film that broke with reality and entered the world of stop-motion animation. At least, his only film until now.

That’s right — Wes is jumping back into the world of puppet-driven animation. And it’s also about animals! In news that broke earlier today, Anderson has announced that his next project will revolve around ‘dogs.’ No other details have surfaced, leaving us with nothing but our imagination as to what kind of perfectly symmetrical, apathetically cool antics will ensue.

An accurate interpretation of our feelings.

Many have been quick to point out the laughable irony of Anderson focusing a project on our canine friends, as his films have a history of brutalizing, if not downright murdering them. The Royal Tenenbaums saw poor Petey get run over by a cocaine-fueled Owen Wilson, the dogs in Fantastic Mr. Fox were poisoned with drugged blueberries, and a dog was impaled through the neck by an arrow in Moonrise Kingdom. The violence was so irrevocable that the New Yorker even wrote a now infamous op-ed titled ‘Does Wes Anderson Hate Dogs?

This is the last time a dog found itself in a Wes Anderson film.

Given the little knowledge we have of this new project, we can only hope that they’re treated a little more fairly in the yet-to-be-titled new film. Though there’s something about the idea of an animated, serial dog-murderer (probably played by Bill Murray) depicted in peak Andersonian form that sounds oddly appealing. Here’s hoping some dog buddies make it out of the movie alive.

Stay tuned to Milk for more Wes related updates.

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