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What Happens When Pop Art Meets High Fashion?

The art world is constantly evolving and crafting conversations around trends and aesthetics. One fool proof consistency? The never-ending love affair between fashion and pop art. Over time, fine artists have found themselves collaborating with iconic fashion houses to add an extra dimension to their work. In honor of Trevor “Trouble” Andrew‘s Milk Gallery, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite collaborations between pop art icons and high fashion labels; peep ’em below.

Yayoi Kusama x Louis VuittonYou’re probably already familiar with Kusama’s work, and for good reason. Her hypnotic paintings and vibrant designs have been blowing minds worldwide for decades. Some of her works have even been auctioned off for more than $7 million. It should come as no surprise, then, that when Vuitton approached her for a collaboration in 2012, the results left us speechless. With her trademark polkadots and bold colors, Kusama demanded our attention and stole the art world’s heart, one bag at a time.

Even more recently, Kusama partnered with streetwear brand X-Large for a Spring 2017 capsule collection titled “My Eternal Soul.” She also announced that she is opening her own museum in Tokyo this October.

Tom Sachs x NikeTom Sachs, another multimedia artist, partnered with Nike back in 2012 during his “SPACE PROGRAM: Mars” project. The result was a capsule collection titled “NIKECraft”. Known for his deconstructed DIY aesthetic, he created the Mars Yard Shoe which was actually designed to get dirty. Recently, the coveted kicks returned for a limited run this past July and are considered by Sachs to be one of his greatest collabs yet. He even created a deconstructed version of his Nikes that give off major Off White x Nike vibes.

Takashi Murakami x VuittonYes, another Vuitton collaboration. Described as the Japanese Andy Warhol, Murakami is a pop-art icon that gets around and maintained a 13-year partnership with Vuitton. His multicolor monogram bags were in ridiculously high demand back in 2003. Beyond his partnership, Murakami’s work spans across mediums including fashion, sculpture, and art toys. His vibrant graphics and anime style helped secure relationships from the likes of Pharrell, COMME des GARÇONS, Vans, and many more. He recently collaborated and released a capsule collection with The Billionaire Boy’s Club earlier this year. 

Trevor “Trouble” Andrew x Gucci   Andrew’s origin story is unlike any other. He started out by cutting holes into his Gucci sheets for Halloween. Later, he began painting the Gucci logo across the city and tagging them with #GucciGhost. Naturally, Gucci approached Andrews, but instead of suing him, they hired him on as a designer. The rest, as the saying goes, is history.

Most recently, in collaboration with Milk Gallery, Andrew launched “The Real Buy” exhibit, which gives a look inside Trevor’s work space and his raw DIY process. With the creation of his GucciGhost art project and Gucci’s support, Andrew is on top of the world.

The exhibition is on view now until September 26 at Milk Gallery.

Images via Vogue UK, GQ, RoSC, Louis Vuitton, Billionaire’s Boy’s Club, and Jon Krippahne

Stay tuned to Milk for more high brow collabs.

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