Peep this comprehensive compilation of Trump's attitudes towards these countries.



What Has Trump Said About Your Country?

We’ve heard Trump rant about China, China, China, China. We’ve seen his shifty talk of Russia, his angry discourse against Mexico and Iran, or his appraisals of Canada and Japan. As the BBC points out, “what the US president says in public about other countries has been a major part of international diplomacy for the last 100 years.”

That’s why they have created a compilation of everything that Trump has said about every country he has ever addressed, either through his infamous Twitter or IRL. “What has President said About Your Country?”  offers an honest, informational, and occasionally lightly comical depiction of Trump’s oh so valuable opinions regarding his allies or enemies. Check some examples below:

Notice, however, that some countries have not been mentioned or spoken of by the our first Cheetoh-flavored president. We wonder if he would be able to point them on a map if asked…

Source: BBC

Featured images via the Guardian

Stay tuned to MILK.XYZ for the latest on our Cheetoh-flavored, small-handed President. 

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