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What Milk Is Thankful for in 2016

It’s that time of year in which Americans far and wide take to Facebook to post all of the things they’re thankful for…either that or they’re forced to contribute something generic to a table full of both immediate and distant relatives over some form of casserole hyphenating the rest of the standard Thanksgiving fare. Yeah, we’re grateful for friends, fam, basic human rights (while we still have them), and the other usual suspects, but we thought we’d step things up a bit and put together some more obscure talking points for both your entertainment and your personal use when subjected to the age-old conversation starter.

1. Joe Biden memes

What’s not to love about Joe Biden, particularly the alter ego bestowed upon him by the meme-generating masses? We might be a little late to the game, but Joe’s troll of an alter ego is the ray of humorous sunshine we needed to carry us through the current political landscape.

2. Icons whose work lives on

Though some of the world’s most iconic legends have passed, we’re grateful to know that their legacies live on. David Bowie, Prince, Phife Dawg…these guys have inspired thousands (if not millions) through their words both spoken and sung, even posthumously. It’s a powerful thing.

3. Badass women leading the charge in activism

Chances are you’ve read some of our recent stuff on women killing the activism game, and it’s pretty obvious that this subject matter is more relevant than ever given the questionable future of women’s rights in the hands of Trump’s cabinet. So if you happen to be feeling generous, go ahead and cop some of these cool shirts by our friends Natalia Mantini and Tallulah Willis—all proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood.

4. The Milk Fam

In case we haven’t made our general gratitude clear to date, here’s to you for following us on social and reading our stuff—it means a whole lot.

Stay tuned to Milk for more things to be thankful for all year long.

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