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1/15 — "I'm dreaming of vacationing after fashion week" - Sherica Maynard at Pyer Moss.



What Models Are Dreaming of Backstage [NYFW]

Funny story: last night I dreamt I was dropped smack in the middle of trench warfare, swathed in scraps of fabric, and carrying a newborn. And though I can’t say for sure, I’m fairly certain I spent the entirety of my six-hour dream (and sleep) sprinting in an anxiety-induced delirium. Naturally, I woke up feeling refreshed as ever, ready to tackle another day of fashion week with Nature Valley bars as my only sustenance.

Well it turns out I’m not the only one reaping the anxious benefits and early signs of arthritis that come with this fun-filled week. Models, it appears, are feeling a tad sleep deprived too. We caught some backstage, mid-nap, and asked them what they’ve been dreaming about. Thankfully for them, it didn’t include any form of combat.

Photos taken exclusively for Milk by Maya Fuhr.

Models: Sherica Maynard, Kirill Kabachenko, Reece Perkins, Casey Levy, Aly Ndiaye, Malik Alain, Maddie Roberts, Shaun Ross, Samuel Stratton, Daniel Walters, Madeleine Angus, Lydia Chanel Hunt, Yulu Serao, Adam Dupré, and Christian Heikoop.

Stay tuned to Milk for more on how models pass the time before they strut.

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