A$AP as the Spice Girls.



What Would Happen If The A$AP Mob Were The Spice Girls?

A$AP Ferg’s new song, “Spice Girls,” is a beautiful ode to the British pop group.”I’m trying to be as famous as the Spice Girls /Got ’em dancing off-beat like them white girls,” he spits. Now the only burning question that remains is: if each A$AP Mob member had to be a Spice Girl, who would they be? After a heated debate, lots of hair pulling, and severe anxiety, we have finally succeeded in matching each member of the Spice Girls to her respective A$AP mob member. Read on for answers to one of life’s most important questions.

A$AP Twelvy | Scary Spice

A$AP Twelvy is known for his loud character, much like Mel B, whose unquenchable temperament inspired the name Scary Spice. Both have bold personalities and aren’t afraid to speak their minds. A$AP Twelvy, meet your Spice-y and scary equivalent.

A$AP Bari | Posh Spice

If you thought we were going to pair A$AP Rocky with Posh Spice, you need to check your facts. A$AP Bari is Posh Spice if, for no other reason, than his spectacular and unsurpassable style; despite all of the fashion campaigns A$SAP Rocky has appeared in, Bari and Spice are easily the most fashionable members in their respective groups. We don’t need to remind you that Posh (née Victoria Beckham) is a style icon, and it turns out A$AP Bari is known for getting the A$AP mob into fashion. He even designed the group’s custom Nike Destroyer jacket.

 A$AP Rocky | Ginger Spice

We grant A$AP Rocky the title of Ginger Spice because, like Ginger, if A$AP ever left the mob, the entire group would fall apart. In addition, after a heated debate, we’ve come to a conclusion both Ginger Spice and Rocky are the hottest members in their respective groups. If you thought Posh was the hottest, just Google “Posh Spice smiling,” and you’ll get over it.

A$AP Nast | Sporty Spice

The one thing these two characters share is their sporty style. We all remember not wanting to dress up as Sporty Spice in your group of friends, because it meant wearing sweatpants and a ponytail. Both of these members would probably rock New Balances at the club.

A$AP Ty Beats | Baby Spice

The lil’ cutie that is A$AP Ty Beats is the youngest out of the A$AP group, and therefore he has to be Baby Spice. He’s admitted, “I’m the little brother. I’m looking up to them. I see how they move. I’m learning off what they’re doing.” D’aaaawwww.

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