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What You Can do About The Las Vegas Shooting

Last night, Las Vegas experienced what is now being deemed as the deadliest mass shooting in US history. With an estimated 50 people dead and over 200 injured, Vegas is reeling, its people are mourning, and law enforcement is beginning to put the pieces of the puzzle together. While the city heals, the rest of the country must rally. So, how can you help?

First thing’s first: Vegas needs your blood. While that may sound funny and/or creepy, it’s true. Hospitals are filling up with victims and blood donations are the most obvious and urgent need. If you’re in or near Vegas, visit your nearest blood donation site today:

If you’re not in Vegas, that doesn’t mean your blood donations won’t be needed; on the contrary, it’s still super helpful to donate, no matter where you are (peep the Red Cross website for more info on where to give).

Aside from your blood, Vegas also needs your hard-earned benjis. No surprise there. Local organizations like Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada are great, and the Red Cross is, of course, working hard to fund and activate relief efforts.

If you’re politically-inclined, consider taking this opportunity to take action in the midst of tragedy. Last night’s shooting was the 35th mass shooting to happen in the US in 2017 alone—and it’s only October. Let’s not be paralyzed by grief, but instead call our senators, write our congressmen, and make our demands for common sense gun control laws clear. Las Vegas will undoubtably rise, but history needn’t repeat itself again.

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