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What You Missed At the British Fashion Awards Last Night

As any good fashion zombie knows, the British Fashion Awards took place last night (friend of Milk Jordan Askill took home a prize, yay!). And now that it’s over it’s time to reminisce about the events. After all, reminiscing is what millennials do best – despite being like five years old. So allow us take you way, way back…to just last night, when sequins and satin adorned the only awards show with the perfect combination of class, pizzazz, and just a touch of ass. There was…

…that time JW Anderson won literally everything.

We love JW Anderson, and we’d like to think that he loves us back–kind of like a young, benevolent god who answers our prayers via lace covered male models. The 31 year-old made history last night as the first designer to win both best menswear and best womenswear designer, beating out the likes of Tom Ford, Victoria Beckham, and Christopher Kane. It was totally nbd. 

Now’s he got one for his mantel and one for his car.

If that wasn’t enough, he was presented the award for menswear by none other that everyone’s ’08 crush Orlando Bloom. We thought our collective hearts had long ago shriveled up and dried away with the wind, but for just an instant we swear we felt something flutter in our collective chests. This was also totally nbd. 

Talk about squad up.

…that time Olivier Rousteing was the ultimate millenial.

Before presenting Jourdan Dunn with her third Model of the Year award, Olivier Rousteing, godfather of the H&M x Balma-insanity, took to the stage to snap a few pics via selfie stick. He then told us a story. A beautiful story. The story of why Jourdan is simply the best at everything, including twerking in the highest of heels and the shortest of bodycon dresses without breaking a sweat. 

We take pics just like these, except without the awards or the acclaim or the epic sense of success.

It doesn’t really surprise us that the two are such close friends. After all, what happens when the immovable nature of Jourdan Dunn’s gaze meets the unstoppable force that is Olivier’s need to make models hit the whip?

Game recognizes game, always.

…that time Patsy and Edina presented Stella McCartney with Brand of the Year.

Stella McCartney was presented with the award for Brand of the Year, but enough about that. Guess who showed up to present it?

Your faves.

Jk, we’ve already told you. Absolutely Fabulous fans completely lost their shit last night when they found that the gate keepers of heaven suddenly appeared in the flesh. Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders reprized their roles as fashion’s baddest bitches to present the award, noting that McCartney had “been literally making bags from the pubic hair of wheat grass for years.”

…that time Lucky Blue Smith gave Gaga Tom Ford’s award…

…but did not reenact that epic music video, despite only being one enthusiastic, silver jacket wearing model away. Bummer.

Tom Ford couldn’t be there to receive the award, probably too busy imprinting little “TF”‘s on lipsticks so that every time we use one we feel a sense of loss and weep (Is it still a Tom Ford lipstick when the little TF disappears? This investigator investigates).

We’re sort of digging the stepped on lego realness.

Because of that, it was up to Lady Gaga to “do his dirty work” and receive the award in his name. Unfortunately she did this without even attempting to sing “I Want Your Love.”

Oh well, it’s a good thing we have it playing on a recurring loop on our TV. Our room mates were sort of annoyed around the fifth play, but judging by their stony silences and the fact that we haven’t seen them in a while, we think that they’ve finally come to accept it.

…and that time Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour gave us friendship goals.

Anna Wintour is the most renowned fashion editor ever. We would say the most renowned-anything-ever, but Karl Lagerfeld takes the prize for most renowned designer and thus completely negates that statement. After all, when JW Anderson names you a giant influence, you know you’re sort of the shit.

Maybe some day…

The eternal besties reminisced about good times as Anna presented Karl with the Outstanding Achievement Award. This included that time when Karl oh-so-casually built a tennis court into his property before her visit so that she could be “more comfortable.” Isn’t that sweet?

Thanksgiving is upon us and Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza/the Winter Solstice is right around the corner. But as we all know there is only one true holiday worth celebrating this year, and you didn’t even have to visit your decrepit auntie’s house to get it over with. The British Fashion Awards only happens once a year, so we hope use all that life you’ve been given well.

Photos via Glamour Paris, Vogue, Just Jared, and I-D, and Standard UK. 

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