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What You Missed At WHOLE GLORY: Day 1

Day 1 of Scott Campbell’s WHOLE GLORY here at Art Basel’s Juxtapoz Clubhouse wrapped last night after five very different (yet equally sick) tattoos and five very psyched subjects. You know the drill: the masses arrive and enter the raffle, and one lucky winner is selected every hour, after which he or she is invited to stick an arm through a hole in Campbell’s art-emblazoned white picket fence. He awaits on the other side armed with needles, ink, and total free reign to tattoo basically whatever the hell he wants. Take a peek at the products of yesterday’s iteration in the slideshow above.

We asked Baptiste Ozenne, Campbell’s third muse (and first-time tattoo recipient) about the experience: “I’m really happy about it. This experience was incredible…what more can I say?” That about sums it up. Check back tomorrow for the next (and final) batch of surprise artwork.

Images courtesy of Cole Giordano.

Stay tuned to Milk for more inventive art installations throughout Basel and beyond.

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