With a mysterious new radio network coupled with an ambiguous website statement, we can't help but wonder what Nicolas Jaar currently has up his sleeve.



What's The Deal With Nicolas Jaar's New Radio Network?

Nicolas Jaar has always been a mysterious guy who plays by his own rules and has amassed a cult following because of it. He can get away with what most artists can’t. For example, after the release of his lauded LP, Space Is Only Noise, Jaar, instead of riding the success wave by releasing a second album, decided to release a series of EPs known as the Nymph series. He then scored Pomegranates, the soundtrack to a 1969 Russian film, which he made retroactively, to even more success. And who can forget Darkside, the supernaturally ethereal collaboration between Jaar and Dave Harrington, which disbanded after one year and one album, despite their (unsurprising) wealth of success. 

Talent really does trump all; when it comes to Jaar, his celebrated ventures have only made him more appealing, because no matter how much we’ve wanted him to replicate his past successes, every time he delivers something new we’re like, ok, we get it. Which is why his newly debuted internet radio network, Other People Network, has us oozing with anticipation. On his website, he vaguely explains that his previous subscription-based music streaming station is no longer going to be available because he’s going to start playing live shows again, leaving us equal parts confused and excited. With not much more information provided, the site reads like a visual and sonic puzzle, where you type a channel between 0 – 333 and listen to different curated stations.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 4.41.32 PM
Jaar’s ambiguous website statement

With the ambiguous statement, “I will let you guys discover what this is on your own but all I’ll say is that channels 324, 195, 108, 243, 225, 33 would be good places to start..And channel 333 will be a good place to end,” and an equally ambiguous triangle image on his website that hints at a new album called Sirens, we’re sure whatever the Chilean-American wunderkind has up his sleeve will be worth the confusion. In the meantime, we’ll be trying to figure out this channel scavenger hunt.

Could 'Sirens' be the third Jaar album we've been wishing for?!
Could ‘Sirens’ be the third Jaar album we’ve been wishing for?!

Photo by Samantha Casolari. Other images via Tumblr and Nicolas Jaar’s websites.

Stay tuned to Milk for more ambiguous projects.

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