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When Did Levi’s Become So Cool?

The Levi’s commitment to relevance seems these days to be second to none. For a brand that’s been around since before the automobile (that’s 143 years and counting) they’ve mastered the balance between classic and cutting edge—all while managing to partner with some of the youngest, dopest kids in the game (Petra Collins comes to mind, among others). It’s this penchant for young, fresh tastemakers that’s helped turn the Levi’s brand to pure gold, and now that icon status has officially been achieved (was there ever a question?) the only thing left to do is shop.

With a laundry list of collaborations to wrapping up 2016 in style, we’re practically spoiled for choice, and it certainly doesn’t appear that the powerhouse that is Levi’s is slowing down anytime soon. Check our list of their best collaborations yet, and look out for more to come (here’s betting the next one’s just around the corner).

Jeff Yokoyama

Streetwear maven Jeff Yokoyama brought his genius to the Levi’s franchise to create recycled, pieced-together one-of-a-kind denim for a waste-not, want-not match made in heaven.

Yoki Shop / HypebeastOff-White

The King of Art Basel himself, Virgil Abloh, is back at it again, this time making magic for his clothing brand Off-White in partnership with denim royalty. If creating elevated streetwear is his M.O., Virgil’s got it down pat.

cool huntingSupreme

Supreme once again teamed up with Levi’s to create a fall line encapsulating everything we love about the two legendary brands: minimalist, classic streetwear with just the right amount of surprise sewn in. Here’s hoping this duo keeps serving up killer collections for years to come.


The Vetements effect is practically all-encompassing at this point: everybody wants a piece of the style pie, and now that Levi’s has joined the exclusive ranks of their design collaborators, the sky’s the limit.


The latest brand to partner with Levi’s is none other than the Brooklyn-based cool kids of Kinfolk, and to start things off, they’ve released a limited edition Double Bunny Trucker jacket, paying homage to Kinfolk’s partially Japanese roots (collectively they hail from NYC, LA, and Tokyo). Get it before it’s gone.


Images via Hypebeast, Cool Hunting, Kinfolk, and Levi’s.

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