Young Thug is hip-hop's jack of all trades—and he hasn't even released an official album yet.



When Does Young Thug Find Time To Sleep?

In 2011, an as-yet unknown artist named Jeffrey Lamar Williams hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit with the declaration that he was “on the verge of signing a major label deal.” In line with Reddit‘s “holier than thou,” white boy reputation, the top-voted question from users was “Within 30 seconds of you rapping how often do you mention bitches, clubs, expensive cars and booze?” The rapper, who would come to be known for his off-the-wall antics and unpredictability, replied in earnest, “I make a product for a certain audience and I’m good at it. Supply and demand, simple economics.”

Five years on, there’s little doubting Williams. Under his performance name, Young Thug, Williams has climbed to the top of hip-hop’s food chain. You’d be hard-pressed to find a corner of mainstream hip-hop lacking his screwy, Auto-Tuned cadence. And he’s not your average rapper either; he announced the release date of his last mixtape, Slime Season 3, by holding a funeral procession in the middle of SXSW, and then he announced his latest tour dates on horseback. He’s collaborated with your favorite artists, from Chance the Rapper to Elton John, and has released bangers like “Texas Love” and “F Cancer“—songs that are ostensibly about flash flooding and overcoming cancer, but turn into outright party anthems. Without having released an official album, Williams has already released a staggering 14 mixtapes, and a steady stream of music videos, all while finding time to model in the Yeezy Season 3 show and make an appearance in a Vogue video. When does this man find time to sleep?

Frankly, we’re not really sure, but at least no one is sleeping on his tracks. “Pick Up The Phone,” a track that may or may not have been swiped by Travi$ Scott, features Young Thug and fellow ATLien Quavo, and is definitely this year’s summer jam. I can say this with certainty because it’s drenched in Trinidadian steel drums and causes all listeners affected to randomly start ad-libbing. But, come next month, it might be outdated. Young Thug simply doesn’t operate on the same calendar as the rest of us. His clocks are set to slime time.

In the time it took this GIF to loop, Thugger released another song.
In the time it took this GIF to loop, Thugger released another song.

So, have you heard the new Young Thug song? The official recording or the leak? Does Thugger ever stop recording? These are the questions that we’ll strive to answer throughout the artist’s self-proclaimed “Year of the Thug.” Perhaps we’ll find out when his debut album, Hy!£UN35 (that’s leet-speak for Hi-Tunes), drops later this year. But first we’ll have to stop relentlessly dancing.

Stay tuned to Milk for more on the youthful Thug. 

Image via Young Thug.

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