Now all that glitters is definitely not gold.



White Supremacist Richard Spencer Glitter-Bombed at Protest

Blessed by the powers of queer, a video of Richard Spencer’s gay baptism this weekend has been leaked on Twitter. Spencer, the controversial “alt-right” leader, with more pride in his white supremacy than rationale, was glitter bombed at a protest he was leading against President Trump’s airstrike in Syria. His group of alt-right protesters were seen, heard and probably judged, chanting “we want walls, not war,” and “make America great again.” So a group of counter-protesters (or just reasonably sane people) then responded with the chant “make America punch Richard again”–a wonderfully appropriate throwback to when Spencer was punched in the face during an interview for his fascist views.

The alt-right movement, spearheaded by Spencer, is a loose public of conservative white nationalists that apparently holds certain reservations on Trump’s policies, in this case regarding warfare. In more relatable terms, the alt-right is like a group of “straight” boys raised conservative who may flirt with a guy or two, but would never do anything to risk compromising their masculinity. With that said, perhaps Spencer’s surprise glitter shower changed things–in an ideal world where each flake of holographic sparkle thrown at him equates to an IQ point. As that is sadly not the case, many have come to discuss what the glitter-bomb represents as an act of protest. There is a notable correlation of its targets being opposed to same-sex-marriage, so obvi, we’re into it.

Header image and video courtesy of Inquisitr and Twitter; lead graphic by Jordan Levinson

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