Take a gander at the tattoos coating celebrities' bodies and you'll notice there's a curious tendency to go the sea animal tattoo route.



Why Are Celebrities So Into Sea Animal Tattoos?

We love a good tattoo. We are, after all, home to the first Scott Campbell Whole Glory event. But even better than a good tattoo is one that makes us furrow our brow and say, “Why?” Whether it be a barbed-wire heart, an always-original butterfly, or an out-of-context Marilyn Monroe quote (p.s., when a Marilyn Monroe quote is inked onto your upper thigh, it’s always out of context), tattoos have the potential to be at once mystifying and not at all mystifying—not in the least. Take a sea animal tattoo; at first glance it’s simple, average, even everyday one might say. But upon further inspection it would appear that just about anyone with a predilection for tattoos has a sea animal-themed one to their name. And while this is certainly commendable, we still can’t help but wonder why? What are we missing? Below are five such culprits. 

1. Adam Levine

The man who has virtually monopolized The Voice has never been one to shy away from tattoos. He’s got them coating just about every crevice of his body, save (thankfully) for the neck up. He’s got a tribute to his late dog, a tiger, and even something written in either Hindi or Sanskrit, according to Ranker. And yet, it’s a particularly fishy tattoo that concerns us here. Depicting a shark, the tattoos is located on his ribcage, and was apparently inspired by Levine’s lifelong obsession with the ocean’s most storied animal. Fair enough.


2. Miley Cyrus

It’s safe to say that ever since Miley Cyrus let Wayne Coyne shoot smoke from between her legs at the 2015 VMAs, she proved to the world that she can do no wrong. Case in point? The talented singer and musician is heavily involved in animal activism. And so we were neither surprised when she got her late pup Floyd tattooed on her rib cage, nor when she followed that up with an adorable puffer fish tattoo on her arm. In fact, we commend her for not going the easy dolphin route. Miley, you get a pass. 


3. Drake and Rihanna

We heard something about a split between the 6 God and the naughty Gal, and we are choosing to ignore it. Instead, we’ve decided to dwell on their matching camo shark tattoos that they apparently got a few months back, because that is all we can do in such a time of despair. Rumor has it they went on a romantic date to a Toronto aquarium, where Drake bought Rihanna a stuffed animal camouflage shark—and as they say, the rest is history (and indelibly inked onto their skin). Consider us on board. 


4. Ruby Rose

The same woman who managed to make a goddamn prison uniform look hot also happens to have a striking koi fish tattoo, and we’re not mad about it in the least. Located on her arm, it may just be one of many, but it’s also a colorful fish and therefore a true work of art. Ruby Rose, we’ll let this one slide. 


5. Wiz Khalifa

Wiz is one tatted up dude. There’s nary an inch of his body that’s not inked with intricate, mostly small illustrations. Which makes the colossal sized shark on his back that much more noteworthy. Located directly under his massive “Khalifa” tat, the shark is posing mid-leap and bearing razor sharp teeth that all must make for a fun little picture to look at while high. Needless to say, Wiz wears it well. And we’re very much down.


Images via New York Magazine, E, Tattoo Journal, Mirror, Man Repeller, and The Vanishing Tattoo.

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